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Rectal discomfort and possible IBS

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 10, 2007
  • 00:53 AM

I am 21 years old - I feel that is a good place to start as most people with similar problems seem to be older. I will give a little background info and explain the more pressing issue. I need help all around with this one, I get so much conflicting advice.

For the past 2 years I have had particularly unpredictable bowel movements, I have memories of this from my childhood too, but it has become more of a problem in recent years.

I went to the doctor because it was becoming embarrassing, I was often having to rush to the toilet, feeling bloated from constipation or ******g frequently and unexpectedly. It was effecting my day to day life, making work, partying and sex problematic; life became a fear of embarrassment not something to enjoy. The doctor gave me a fibre supplement to try taking for a month and asked me to write down everything I ate and any unusual bowel movements, saying I probably had IBS. With end of term stress and now working I didn't make it back to her, but do plan to at some point soon. No particular foods seemed to make a massive impact except alcohol and oats with fruit which I like to have for breakfast: both send me running for the toilet in a childlike state. The fibre supplement seemed to reduce wind but made defecation too frequent.

I am no longer on the fibre supplement and still have similar problems though symptoms change from day to day, it is liveable and I do not want to waste anyone's time. This week I have noticed something more worrying, I feel like I constantly need to go to the toilet, like there is something in my rectum, a bit like I am straining my rectal muscles to go to the toilet, though I am just sat relaxing. I am passing food as normal. While having sex I felt it too - which was very uncomfortable. I do seem to have a lump in my anus about the size of half a grape, it is not sore just feels uncomfortable and is disconcerting. I am not even sure if it is normally there (it is not somewhere I have a great knowledge of!). I do not know what my best course of action is!

Is this feeling abnormal, do I need to have it checked?
What could it be? Is it likely to get worse? I am due to go camping at a festival this weekend and it is hard enough with the toilet problems I have!
Would it be worth seeing a nutritionist to help me regain health?

Sorry this is so long.

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  • The lump MIGHT be internal hemorrhoids. If you are a woman, go see your GYN. Even though raw veggies and fruit are good for you, they can produce a lot of gas. Sign up for yourdigestivehealth@everydayhealth for bowel info. You can look up old articles. One day diarrhea, then constipation is a symptom of IBS.
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  • I have had IBS since I was 20 (35 years). Stay on the fiber - better to have frequent BM than unexpected diarrhoea. Also, avoid bananas, but other fruit seems OK. My Doc told me that one, & he was right. Get your lump checked out, especially if it's making sex uncomfortable. Even if it's just a hemorrhoid, it can be removed so the sex is still ok. Also, consider that you may have lactose intolerance or other dairy protein intolerence. Avoid dairy for two weeks if you want to test the theory.
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