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Reason for my brady cardia

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  • Posted By: ramanatuni
  • March 8, 2009
  • 10:25 AM

Hi i will be thank ful to some one who can diagonise my case of sinus bradycardia. I am not an athlete or good sports man. Infact i am very weak runner and sports man as i get exhausted very fast and i couldnot run or exercise for more than 10 min.
I have a low heart rate of 32 bpm during night hrs and average of 54 beats per min during day IN HOLTER STUDIES BUT I WAS TOLD THAT I HAVE GOOD CHRONOTROPIC RESPONSE IN TREAD MILL TEST(STRESS TEST)

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  • Well,I'm not sure I have the answer for you,but sinus bradycadia can result from an increase in vagal nerve tone,intrinsic disease of the sinoatrial node,or from medications,such as digitalis or quinidine,which I doubt that you're taking.It also might be normal for you unless you get dizzy or faint from it.Do you have any symptoms from it?
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  • yeah thanks a lot for ur kind responsei didnt experience any faint off or feeling of dizzyness till now and i am not using any such medications as u specified. one thing i want to tell you is i used more than some 100 cetrizine medicines for allergy problem.other than that i didnt use ant medicines and that cetrizine also i am not using from past4 months. can u tell me any consequences of long vagal nerve tone .the only symptom i have is i get tired fast when running or during some physical work out.other than this symptom i am not expwriencing any other symptoms.is it safe to continue runnng or exercising in the same manner as i do
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  • Well,for one thing your vagus nerve slows down your heart.It also has many other functions which are too numerous to mention,but if it's the culprit,I'm pretty sure that it's only affecting your heart.Do you know if you have any escape beats(also called premature ventricular contractions)?If you do, it's more serious of a condition.If not,it's O.K. to do whatever you want to.
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  • yeah well thanks alot i my reports of holter studies it was mentioned that there are no significant sinus pauses,one thing i want to know this case of my bradycardia is having any effect on my breathlessness during physical workout .this case of my lesser HR influencing me during physical exercise like running or not.i am very happy to listen from thats my case is normal and nothing to worry as i dont have any pauses as u mentioned.thanks a lot i hope that u r a specialist in this subject if u can spare some time i can post all my reports of holter ,ecg, and stress test for ur kind analysis on those reports.thanks a lot.thank u once again
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  • yeah thanks for ur kind concern on my topic.yeah in my reports i dont have any significant pauses of beats.one thing i want to know is this case of having low HR effecting me for very fast exhaustion in physical workouts.is my view right or not.does it have any effect on my breathing difficulties during running or not.i guess u r a good specialist on this subject if u can spare some of ur valuable time to study my holter,ecg, nd stress studies reports which i can post for u r kind evaluation pls
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  • Yes,your slow heart rate is causing you yo be short of breath because your heart cannot increase its rate enough to keep up with the oxygen demands of your exercise.No.I'm not a heart specialist,but I'd be happy to look at your studies.
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