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Reactive Arhtritis with no found cause

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 19, 2007
  • 02:52 PM

At the end of my tether. I have ankylosing spondylitis that was diagnosed about 6 years ago after a lot of problems with my sacroilliac joint. Treatment was received and I had no problems until 4 months ago. In short, I have had one bout of penile discharge at the start that lasted 4 weeks, have tested negative for any STD, have had two sets of antibiotics (one just in case of STD whilst awaiting results) and one for klebsiella as one doctor though it may have been due to intestinal issues. Neither anitbiotic had any effect on the discharge or for my joints. The discharge has started again and I feel like I am going backwards. On the joints side I have an affected knee, ankle, wrist, rib cage and occasionally elbow. I have also had a period of circinata balanitis, more annoying than anything else. On two occasions (inc now) I have also suffered lumbar discomfort just above the kidneys and to assist have been given a general steroid injection (does help overall). All of this has lead to the diagnosis of reactive arthritis. I await the results of a set of blood tests on kidney, liver, viral, lymes disease and one more I cant remember and have given several urine samples as well as a stool sample. All tests to date have not indicated any organism responsible but nothing has changed. Feeling run down and miserable all of the time does not help. I am convinced something remains i me and responsible for pain coming and going but I am not the doctor. I have discussed the possibility of cystitis, prostatitis and any other UTI related area I can think of but all appear to have been ruled out thus far. I need help please.

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  • If you have Ankylosing Spondylitis your doctor should continue to check you for other autoimmune diseases as well. Make sure you are tested. That may be the cause of your arthritis. The list is too long to write here. Go to http://www.aarda.org/patient_information.php and there you will find a list of them.Many times they are grouped in clusters so that if you have one, you're more likely to have another.Addison's Disease, Hashimoto's, Diabetes (and others) is one of those clusters. If you have one, say Hashimoto's, you should be regularly tested for the others in this clustering.Do you know about this website?http://www.spondylitis.org/about/faq.aspxMy father has the full-blown version of it and all 3 brothers have it and severe versions of it as well. I don't. All my doctors tell me this is quite unusual. They all have the HLA-B27 gene too. I don't.However, I have another autoimmune disease which my mother has.
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  • Many thanks for the reply Dxd, I have been through several AS websites in the past and recently because of this episode. I had not seen the AARDA one before although looking at the list my current diagnosis is in fact Reiters Syndrome (apparently more pc to call it reactive arhtritis this days as Dr Reiter was a Nazi). I dont have full Reiters (yet) as my eyes have not been affected but a do have urethritis and the joints affected are in line. Its the actual cause that is elusive, Reiters is either due to STD or intestinal bacteria normally, both of which I have tested negative for to date.I will look through the rest of the details of the list at AARDA to see if anything else fits, just fed up now with constant lumbar pain, penis discharge and lethargy that I have never experienced before. Original sacroilliitis stopped me running, this episode has stopped me doing all the other sports I did, not depressed but absolutely fed up with my state at the moment.
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