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Re-occurring joint pain, swelling, fatigue, no rash!

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  • Posted By: sunstorm2000
  • May 12, 2009
  • 09:18 AM

Hi All,

I'm posting this as I am desperate to find out what's wrong with me, and my doctors seem to be of no use whatsoever (as per usual). I am now transferring doctors to see if they will offer a better service - but that's another story.

For the past 6 weeks I have suffered on and off for a week at a time (this is my 3rd time of it) re-occurring joint pain with inflamation/swelling around the affected joint/s, which seems to move about the body. It starts usually in my feet/ankles, and then shifts to my knees where it seems to be worse, and I've had it in wrists, elbows and fingers too, but not as bad. The knees is where I'm hit hardest and longest. The pain is quite severe, on a scale of 1-10, I'd say about 8. (And I'm quite good with bearing pain).

When I get it in both knees, it effectively renders me disabled, as I cannot stand on my legs or walk, and have to rely heavily on my arms to drag me from one place to another.

I have been constantly fatigued for the last 6 weeks, and even when I have no joint pain or swelling, and manage to go back into work, I can only do half days as by lunch time they send me home for being too tired.

I have not had much luck with my doctors - they will not make a housecall when the joint pain/swelling is too bad for me to walk (they tell me to take a taxi, which is ridiculous, as me not walking is not because of laziness, but because I physically can't move). When I have had an appointment at the surgery, they put me in with a nurse who was unable to do anything other than take my temperature. I then had an appointment with a doctor when I could feel my symptoms coming back on, but said there was no medical evidence and couldn't do anything for me. Wouldn't even write a note, to keep work happy.

I am however currently waiting for the results of a blood test, but even that was hard enough to get. In the meantime, I am back in pain. Waiting for doctors to phone, and they never do, or if they do it's "sorry, there's nothing we can do for you". Ridiculous.

Work have been very understanding about this thankfully, however I am concerned that I am getting to the end of their patience, and I really don't know what to do.

I have tried looking up my symptoms on the net, and I do seem to have very similar symptoms to others, only minus a rash, as I've definitely not had one of those. Unfortunately, these people are also seeking answers, and I fear that I'll never get to the bottom of this.

I've already had this for 3 weeks out of 6, luckily equating to alternate weeks, but it is still wearing me down. I could cope if I knew I was at the end of it, but to think it might repeat forever more, and with no medical intervention makes me quite depressed.

I have started to take a homeopathic remedy 'bryonia' as from yesterday, in the hope that this might help.

If you have any suggestions as to what this might be, or how to relieve the pain, or how to get my doctors to be more useful and sympathetic to my problem I would be very grateful.

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