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Raynaulds for 17 years. Temperature control problems. Now, muscle contraction and weak legs and arms

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  • Posted By: Jones12101
  • September 30, 2014
  • 08:54 PM

Hi everyone. A similar post was made in 2009, but no update from Ionuk. Please be sensitive, as I'm really freaked out. Many people that post here just got dealt a bad hand. I turned 40 one month ago, I was born and raised in Toronto, I went to grad school in New York ( have a ton of research background), and for the past 10 years have lived in Florida with now three little kids and husband. I literally move like the wind. I normally sweat a lot (it's hot here too), I'm a Type A and my sympathic nervous system feels constantly "on." This is something I complained to my GP/PA a lot over the last three years. They said it was nothing. Over the last two years, I've developed psoriasis too, under my arm (possibly related to sweating), sometimes my hands. I was constantly busy, until 3 weeks ago. My symptoms started three weeks ago, with tightening/constriction in my upper thighs, a little bit of pain in my knee caps, and a little bit of pain down the top of my calves. I noticed The annoying leg tightening after driving for a very long period of time. For the first week the The muscle tightening was intense and almost constantly annoying. For me, it got especially annoying at night. Then, two weeks later, the symptoms started to go away. But, my forearms got weak.The weakness in my arms is transient and only occurs in the morning. And has been going on for four days now. I had two MRIs on my brain and my neck, and they are both negative. I tested negative for lupus markers. I have Temperature control problems, and have had raynaulds for 17 years. They're going to do some MRIs of my lower spine in a week. My vitamin D was low but not deficient.my mother had MS. Apparently the likelihood of getting our MS is 5% by inheritance. It's considered a spontaneous disease.after much consideration, I think that MS might be due to a vitamin D deficiency in the first 15 years of life. As most people that get MS are from northern climates and are not exposed to sunlight on a consistent basiS. Vitamin D can be synthesized on the skin. So it might be possible that I do have MS, But people with MS tend to be really sensitive to heat, and I love the heat.also, my brain MRIs were negative for plaque formation. It might be too soon to diagnose MS? it might take a little bit longer for the symptoms to manifest and the plaques to build on my brain MRIs.

I thought that my problem was related to Endocrinology, but my PA told me that it was related to neuro. I thought it was endocrinology because I am very sensitive to cold temperature. When my muscles start to constrain, I put a heating pad on them and it feels better. Like Raynauds, when I put heat on my white hands, it goes away. Note that I do Not have tingling, I have fatigue. I'm wondering if it is adrenal related?

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