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Rashes on the scalp....

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  • Posted By: Sina_khosravi
  • July 30, 2008
  • 11:09 PM

Hi ,

I'm 24 year old boy , and its been around 2 years that rashes have started to grow on my scalp ... to be specific , they started from back of my neck where my hair grow... at first I didnt take it very serious and I thought probably its because of some temporary infection... but gradually when it started to develop , I met a dermatologist and she prescribed some lotion that I dont remember what it was and some antibiotic pills , the rashes stopped spreading. but when I finished my medicine , after about a month , they started to spread again... after about a year and half , of trying to keep the infected area clean to avoid spreading the rashes , now the density of the rashes are decreased , but new rashes are developing on the top of my head... these rashes are often , too tender and can be opened easily and sometimes a white liquidish substance comes out of it , and it bleeds...( the location is about where I started to lose my hair )... when the cyst becomes empty , after about two days the rash reappears in the same place ... its not itchy nor painful as long as its not touched. but when I touch it, sometimes its painful. it more looks like a blotch... and I lose my hair in the spot where it occurs. I took a blood test previous year but there was nothing odd in that , except that I had a rather high bilirubin which is assumed to be for the Gilbert syndrome that I think is irrelevant to my scalp problem. I dont remember to have any major disease , and I haven't even caught cold except once or twice in past 5 years.
The other helpful information is , I used to have too many rashes on my face when I was in high school that I cured it by using Racotan (I'm not sure about the pronunciation) for 6 months. and it got better. I also started to lose my hair when I Was 20-21. about a year before I Have the rashes on my scalp. I used to use Minoxidil but I Gave it up about 2-3 years ago.
I smoke like once in a blue moon. and do not use drugs. and drink beer once or twice a week.

since I always keep my hair short , having the rashes on my scalp doesnt have a pleasant look.

I would be so glad if you help me with a good diagnosis.

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  • Hia,well , that's an interesting hypothesis , but consider the fact that I used to live in Iran few years ago , and for past two years I moved to Toronto , and then again , I moved to Kingston , and as far as I know , there is no electricity post or such things around here , well except the router that I use for my internet. but when it started , I didnt have any router or live among electromagnetic waves of any kind.and mmm.. I dunno , but about the immune system , at least it has to show something on the blood tests that I've done, right ? and again , for the liver ,the billirubin problem that I mentioned , doctors said that its the Gilbert disease which is a very very common syndrome , and I already had the symptoms ( eyes turning slightly yellowish sometimes ) and as soon as I started the medication , the color used to go back to white again.Oh and by the way , I shave my head most of the time , would there be any possibility of existence of mites as you said ? even in that case , the scabies should be in random places on my scalp , but interestingly , the rashes started at the back of my neck where it starts to grow hair , and the other common rash area is behind my ears on the scalp , and lately its where I started to lose hair on the top of my head. I mean its not so random , its more like the edges of my hairlines.thanks again for your theory , but I assume its not my case really , although I'm going to talk about it with the doctor I meet in Toronto soon.
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  • Just be aware drs., generally do routine blood tests, that don't show alot of things.You may have to play your own detective and ask for certain blood tests to be done. Like to check for any kind of virus or bacterial infection.There is an infection that can cause scalp rashes and it comes from flea, tick and misquito bites, called bartonella. A good link to look for bartonella info is www.lymenet.org , esp if you have any other symptoms.Have you changed any hair products?? could be allergic to some thing?? Even laundry detergent or fabric softener on the bed sheets and towels?Water can even be doing this if its extremely hard. When I lived in the city, where water was treated, I didn't have skin problems. But after I moved to the country, where we have well water, I got alot of skin problems that meds didn't take care of long. Someone suggested I get the well water tested and sure enough it was very hard. Had a water softener put in and haven't had a problem with the skin in over 20 years.So it wasn't soaps for me.A few yrs ago, I took my daughter to a derma, because she had bad acne on her face. The derma gave her antibiotics . The derma said the scalp and the face skin are the same, the break outs were from a skin infection. Several months of doxy took care of it for my dau. Perhaps you were not on the meds long enough to kill the infection or the meds were not strong enough. Maybe you could have a derma do a biopsy on a leision and see if that tells them anything?Hope you get this solved soon. Take care,~~JerseyLymie
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