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Rash - scabies? exzema?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 15, 2009
  • 04:19 AM

So last week i developed this rash on my arms, neck and face. Last tuesday i had little bumps on my hands (which has appeared and disappeared before). they look like little pimples or warts which when i pop them they are just filled with a clear fluid. I also noticed my face was feeling a bit dry and sore around my mouth.

The rash is on my arms about half way up my forearm and up my bicep. It is almost like there is 2 rashes. The spots and something like eczema to go with it. The spots are on my arms, mostly on the top side from half way up my arm to my shoulder. There are spots underneath my arm and also on my hands and few over my body, but these do not have an eczema like rash to go with it.

I have also had ringworm on my right forearm which i have been treating with a cream and is going away, but was itchy last week so i was scratching my forearm around it. But i dont think i could have spread this rash through scratching as the rash is on my other arm and my neck and face. i also have spots appearing on my legs and torso but these are only a few and not as itchy and dont have an eczema like rash associated with them.

I treated the left side of my neck with vinegar, and also some parts of my left arm. After researching and thinking it could be Molluscum contagiosum. But none of my bumps have a "white core", they are just filled with clear fluid. The vinegar resulted in some scabbing, but the right arm also has some scabbing which looks like scabies.

My face has blotches red and sort of swollen, it is dry and the skin is sort of flaky. This is all over my face including my forehead.

I went to the doctors and 2 doctors had a look at it. they didnt really know what it was, and one said it could possibly be impetigo, so i got some antibiotics for that.

for the last few days i have been applying some eczema creams to the rashes, this has been helping with the itch and moisturize it a bit, but the rash is still there although it seems to be a bit better.

I am thinking it is most likely scabies after doing some research. I did think it was Molluscum contagiosum but my spots are filled with clear fluid. I was thinking it might also be impetigo with eczema?


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  • Hi, my husband has a rash that sounds like yours for a while before we took him to get treated. they swabbed it and sent it for testing. It came back as a STAPH infection. Make your doctor swab the skin for staph and strep because certain strains of it are DEADLY if they go too long without treating in. You can Google pictures of staph and strep rashes, there are LOTS of them. Also get the AVENO cream by the hydrocortizone, that is made for "weeping rashes" it does good and it will keep it from spreading as fast.they gave my husband a shot, a cream and 4 other anibiotics to knock it out of his system ASAP. it took about 2 weeks. Me and my 3 kids NEVER got any of it even though its supposed to be highly contagious. hope this helps..... GET A SECOND OPINION FAST!
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  • Dont know if my other post worked so ill repost anyway.I hope its not staph, thats sounds pretty scary!I went back to the doctors yesterday and 2 of them had a look again. they reckoned it was getting better and prescribed me prednisolone and phenergan. i am also still on dicloaxacillin. The doc had a look through a little microscope thing and said that it wasnt scabies because i didnt have it in any of the places it normally is in and he couldnt see any. The doctors are still unsure about what it is and if it isn't getting better by monday i will be going back and getting tests done on it i reckon. I did ask for a referral to a dermatologist but doc said it could take months to get in. I am now very unsure on what this could be. Thanks,Jamie
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  • Just an update, the rash seems to be getting better, less red, less itchy and losing the bumps. But the skin is going all flaky like dandruff, so im just moisturising it.
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  • Just a quick thought, watch what your eating, have you eaten something new perhaps ? Food allergies can pop up any time in your life...Samanthahttp://www.undiagnosedillness.org
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  • Nope, i havent changed anything that i can think of. and if i did it has gone back to normal as i am now back at school and back into my old routine.It started to clear up last weekend, but then on tuesday night (21/07/09), it flared up again. Went to the docs on thursday and he said he is thinking its an allergy. He took a skin biopsy, (my first stitches! yay!) then gave me some more prednisolone and said he should have results by monday. so hopefully i can find something out!Also, a friend of mine said she has something similar a while back, and it turned out to be like a bacterial infection. they gave her penicillin and it cleared up. wondering if this is the same case as me? thanks,jamie
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  • Got the test results back today, he said that it was diagnosed as chronic spongiform dermatitis and that it isn't a fungal infection. But we are unsure on this as we cant identify an allergic reaction to anything. He got another doctor into have a look and he basically said the test was wrong, and that disputed that it was the case. He said that it is safe to say we can believe that it isn't fungal. It seems to have gotten worse over the last few days, it is mostly on my arms from about the middle of my forearm upwards. It is only mild on my forearm but is really bad on my biceps, mostly on the outside of my arm aswell. The doc decided to put me back onto the prednisolone aswell as diprosone ointment which i put on and wrap in glad wrap at night. He also gave me QV cream to put on in the mornings. He wrote me a referral to a dermatologist, but said i could be waiting a while. So im going to book in and if it clears up then ill just cancel, if it doesnt then hopefully the derm can help.I have been thinking and wondering if it is related to the ringworm at all? docs didnt say it was. but the bad bits of the rash sorta have like satellite type rings, like ringworm. could this be a related infection?Thanks,Jamie
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