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Rash on Sole of Foot

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 4, 2008
  • 03:06 AM

There is something wrong with the sole of my feet, and I am at a loss when it comes to knowing what it could be. I've already gone to a physician once, and I was told it was Dyshidrotic Eczema. It may be Dyshidrotic Eczema, however I am not completely convinced for a few reasons.

I noticed the "rash" about two weeks ago. It started on my left foot as a slender line of red skin running from just above the right side of my heal to the left side of my sole, just under my toes. On my right, it was only a small circle on the upper left portion of my sole. At this point in time, the circle on my right foot has increased in size, yet only slightly. The "rash" on my left foot, however, has increased much more. The red line has grown outward, taking up maybe 1/3 of my sole. It has also begun to appear on the bottom of my toes, which started as little dots and increased to red circles. At this point, it also seems as if it is trying to spread to the bottom of my heal, as the skin there is beginning to get abnormally rough.

I'm using quotation marks on the word "rash" because I'm not sure it can even be considered such. What it honestly looks like is like the first layer or two of my skin is just gone, yet it doesn't feel that way. (I'm sure I'm not scraping my skin away on anything) The surface of the red areas isn't abnormally bumpy, hard, soft, etc. Under the red skin isn't abnormal either when compared to the rest of my foot. It feels exactly the same upon touch. I can feel the difference when bending my foot however, in which case the red skin has a harder time bending. There really isn't any pain or itching or discomfort or burning or anything.

My foot has had an unusual scent that seems to be from the reddened skin, however. My foot typically don't tend to have any odor to them, however since this rash has begun the scent has become more apparent with time.

The other weird thing is that my socks, after being worn all day, are sticking to the red skin. And by sticking, I don't mean my foot was sweating and my sock is sticking to it because it is wet. My foot is sticking to my sock like I literally glued it and let it dry completely before trying to remove my sock. This isn't being caused by excessive sweating, as my feet have not been perspiring any more than usual. I do not believe the red skin is releasing anything itself that could be causing this stickiness, as nothing ever appears to be on my sock once I do manage to remove it. However, the red skin isn't abnormally sticky on it's own, so I cannot imagine what else could be causing the adhesiveness. The only time something did seem to come from the red skin was when I removed my sock the day after the red skin seemed to be turning slightly white. Once my sock was removed, the white has disappeared and redness returned.

As far as other information goes, my hygiene is very good. My socks are changed regularly, my shoes are not overly old, I have not yet applied anything to my feet, I haven't recently changed soap or anything of the sort that could be irritating my skin, I hardly ever walk around without at least socks on inside or outside, there were no noticeable cuts to the soles of me feet prior to this issue beyond a small, healing blister on my toe caused from running, as I do run roughly 12 miles a week (currently).

Any help is very much appreciated. I will be returning to the doctor in a weeks time if problems persist. Thank you again.

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  • It sounds like some kind of infection. Do you always wear cotton socks? Be sure to change your shoes every day (alternate) for running. And consider soaking your feet in a mutipurpose solution like Domeboro. Be sure they dry completely. If you have a fungal infection, shining a gooseneck lamp on them to dry them can help...be sure you don't burn them. Hopefully your doctor will be able to give you more answers when you see him again. Have you considered going to a podiatrist? As much as you run, you need to take care of your feet!
    marionstar 228 Replies
    • October 5, 2008
    • 02:35 AM
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  • Since I have been accused of misleading people, I WILL STATE ... I AM NOT A DOCTOR. I do not practice medicine. I will just throw this in since I had a similar foot skin problem which ended up on other parts of my body and my hands. It was worse on my feet and hands. The redness ended up getting deep and after a time it began to peel. The skin that peeled off was so thick that the skin left behind was very red and very thin and extremely painful. It took a long time to heal. At the time doctors had not idea. It was not an infection, I have great hygiene, etc. When it happened I was researching Lyme disease, and I had heard from others that they have had skin issues. I also read where skin can be affected by that disease. I assumed that is what it was. But now a couple of years later a comprehensive and amazing doctor tested me for many things, and also had me tested for heavy metals. It turns out my mercury levels are off the charts, literally. I read up on mercury poisoning and I did find references to issues with feet and hands and skin peeling as mine did. I am assuming it was my mercury levels which probably caused the feet issues. Although, it could still just have been Lyme or Babesiosis which can contribute to some very strange symptoms. I offer information ONLY from my experieince. I am NOT a doctor. I hope you get some answers somewhere.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • October 5, 2008
    • 07:48 AM
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