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Rapid pounding heart/Anxiety

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  • Posted By: bluebyyou
  • August 17, 2011
  • 05:04 PM

1. Around August 2010, I developed a tooth abscess that spread into my gums and took around 4 rounds of antibiotics to clear it up
2. In November 2010 I had my teeth pulled and got lower dentures
3. Shortly after my gland begin to swell in my neck, so big that I was having trouble breathing and feeling dizzy
4. Found out that my lower dentures were blocking my salivary glands causing them to build up.
5. During the MRI with contrast, a previous goiter had grown into a large mass with some calcification
6.The first of the year Jan. or Feb., I Went to an ENT and was recommended that I have a lobectomy on the side with the mass, with a frozen biopsy done on the other side.
7. The night before pre-op, I was lying in bed all relaxed, got up to walk a few feet to the restroom, and my heart started beating rapidly, also pounding out of my chest, so much so that my husband could feel and see it happening. I laid back down and it wouldn’t stop, I started feeling pressure in my chest and couldn’t catch my breath, I thought I was having a heart attack so we went to ER, by the time I was processed my vitals were normal. They kept me overnight, in which I had an EKG, wore a heart monitor and did a stress test the following morning…all results okay. So I continued with pre-op and the surgery went on as planned. But even during surgery I had rapid pulse, and my ENT said it was almost as if I were hyper thyroid, but I wasn’t all levels were normal and he said it was not a thyroid storm.
8. Frozen Biopsy okay, mass contained a small papillary cancer, which was removed with the mass, no further treatments were needed.
9. These attacks happened several more times, but the Doctor at the ER said if it happens again to go to my family Dr. and not there because my heart was fine, they gave me mild sedatives that helped me through the attacks, except one that was so bad I crawled to the phone for help, and I was alone with my 5 year old Grandson and was sure I was going to die in front of him. My husband drove me to my family Dr. and as soon as I walk in and they see my symptoms they said go to the ER, Frustrated we went to Waccamaw Hospital, because it was nearest my Family Dr.
10. Once again, by the time I was checked in I was only slightly symptomatic . They did an EKG and called for my records at Conway. They wanted to send me home, thinking it was anxiety/heartburn. I began to cry, because I was so afraid to go home and have this happen again, the Dr. said he needed the beds for sick patients, but if I was that afraid the would monitor me overnight, I requested to see a Cardiologist, and he took me the next morning for a Heart Cath, and Sonogram., all okay. He put me on Lopressor to stop the pounding heart .
11. In the mean time I usually have high blood pressure, my pressure was jumping around from high to low as well as my heart rate, so it was hard to adjust my meds when it was ever changing.
The highest BP being 220/120, (at rest) lowest being 113/59
Heart rate waking me from sleep at 122 bpm then dropping during activity blow 60 bpm
12. My ENT sent me to a Endocrinologist , where a 24 hr. urine was done and blood test to make sure it was not a problem with my Adrenals…all okay but found my Thyroid levels were low, and put me on Synthroid first 75 mg to now 88.
13. The drops in blood pressure and heart rate has leveled off, so I am back to treating my high BP and sometimes rapid heart rate. I come up with a system that seem to be keeping things somewhat in control
Taking Clonazapam along with the Lopressor more as preventative, then waiting until I’m having an attack.
1 Lopressor ½ Clonazapam AM , ½ Clonazapam afternoon, and 1 Lopressor ½ Clonazapam PM
This seems to be helping and I take Clonidine only if my BP shoots up high.
14. My fear is that this is A-fib or Sick Sinus Node the latter which my brother has, he had Brachi-Cardia and required a pace maker at age 51. My Mom died of a massive heart attack at age 62.
15. I just want to make sure we are not just putting a bandage over something more serious.
Everyone wants to call it Anxiety…But is it Anxiety causing the Symptoms, or the Symptoms causing the anxiety

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  • Hi.. your post sounded like you may of had some kind of sympathetic nervous system dysfunction going on. I myself have sympathetic nervous system (SNS) Dysfunction and from that I get both high and low BP (It can wildly swing) and also have POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia ... very rapid heartbeat at times due to postural change) from it too. You dont sound as if you have POTS but I just mentioned that as that is how my SNS issue gives me episodes of fast heart beat. SNS dysfunction also causes anxiety as a symptom. I was on Clonazapam for a while (at extremely low dose thou, not a normal level) to help calm down my overactive dysfunctioning nervous system due to it being an epilepic drug (I think it helps protect the nervous system or something). Take care... if you do have some kind of autonomic or SNS dysfunction.. one can respond in usual ways to some drugs and can get unexpected bad effects. (may also respond in unexpected ways to anethestics etc). This kind of dysfunction can also give one irritable bowel syndrome which is a common issue which goes with it. (I dont know if it relates to thyroid issues or not).
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