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rapid memory and cognition loss among other symptoms

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  • Posted By: dfowler1976
  • February 21, 2009
  • 11:34 PM

My symptoms initially this all started 4 1/2 years ago where suddenly one day, and over a 2 month period I lost alot of my memory and
learning abilities and from than on I've been suffering ever since. Some of my memory and learning abilities have come back but since last year it's plataued. Here are my current symptoms. They fluctuate but most of these I still have to some degree. My symptoms pretty much never go away. Seems chronic. Can't work right now ,let alone get out of bed.

-terrible short, short to long term memory. (struggle with reading retension, remembering clearly past events, and in general information)

-learning deficit, (takes many times longer to learn new concepts and sometimes I never learn them)

-anhedonia (I feel unemotional and uninspired. Nothing is fun or interesting anymore. Very rarely do I enjoy something.)

-feel blank mentally (like few thoughts are going through my head at given moment)

-feel like a copy of a copy sometimes

-feel 2 dimensional

-low libido, (often can't ejaculate)

-little to know alcohol effect (I find this bizarre)

-feel disconnected from senses and often reality

-lots of anxiety!

-no energy most of the time

-fogginess of thought (this varies)

-sometimes feel lightheaded like I'm going to faint, (almost did once. Doesn't seem like schizo-affective to me!)

-general uncomfortability (which is somewhat different than feeling anxious imo)

-few thoughts in head at one time (can't stress this enough)

-head feels like it's filled with concrete and only a small amount of thoughts are in use

-feels like brain damage

-feel faint buzz in my ear (used to be louder)

Panic symptoms

-whole chest gets warm

-heart pounds

-a couple of times I got the terrible sensation of my whole brain dying. I got tunnel vision, everything went darker and felt like some

force was trying to kill my brain. Hard to describe but very painful, and very scary.

My Psychiatrist and two Psychologists both think it's related to a mood disorder. When I first lost my memory over a 2 month period, which of course was rapid, I was hearing voices and having delusions. It was initially so bad I couldn't even understand the tv or read. Two or so years later this got better.

I had two MRI's, which came out normal, and a normal EEG. I passed all three mini neuro exams which were basically memory and reflex and general movement exams. And I had a neuropsyche exam that I did very average on. My math was terrible, I forgot a lot of it, but my verbal was above average. And my spacial reasoning was below average. My overall IQ dropped about 18 points! So something is definitely wrong here.


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