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  • Posted By: stepherd
  • April 27, 2007
  • 01:55 PM

i have a huge problem, please help me out.

on April 10, 2007 i owned a labrador puppy, a healthy 2 months old male puppy. he is vaccinated
with cannine distemper, leptospirosis, parvovirus etc twice already but not anti-rabies because he is just 2 month old. and
anti-rabies requires a 4-6 month old puppy.

On April 22, 2007 i was bitten on my heel by this puppy, it was an accident and i think the puppy didnt
intentionaly bit me but was just being playful. he likes to chew and nibble alot.

after that incident, i was worried that i might got rabies, although our local veterinarian
said that if the puppy show no signs of the illness within 10 to 60 days, i am safe and i dont need to have
the pre and post-exposure prophylaxis. but i am afraid that the puppy could be a silent carrier and
is currently incubating the rabies disease. i heard that dogs could incubate for as long as almost a year.
what if my incubation period is faster than my puppy? then i might die of rabies.

series of post-exposure prophylaxis are quite costly here in the rural part of our country and the availability
of these vaccines are not abundant. the methods they are using is injecting the meds. on the abdomen and i heard
it is very painful.

the puppy lives indoor and it has no contact with wild animals nor eat garbages and rubbish.
however i have 2 cats that share feeding and water bowls with my puppy. one of my cat scratched the puppy
because the cat was threatened. and my cats are not vaccinated. and as we all know cats has the tendency
to roam around the streets and eat rodents,garbages etc.

my question is:
1.) does all dogs who is exposed to rabies dies?
2.) is there such thing as silent carriers?(without symptoms,is healthy but spreading the virus)
3.) if the ****h has rabies will the puppy have it too?
4.) if a puppy is incubating a rabies and then receives a vaccination, will it cure the puppy from the illness?

i have been observing the puppy, and he appears to be healthy, normal and sane. there are no signs of behavior
changes. and the puppy loves attention and is not afraid of water. but these questions and uncertainties kept bugging me. i am in a dilemna wether i should undergo treatment right now or wait until the puppy show signs and symptoms of rabies. if by then would it be too late for me?

thanks in advance!! God Bless!

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