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Questions about upper abdominal wound closure of laparotomy.

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  • Posted By: burnchicken
  • January 6, 2008
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Questions about upper abdominal wound closure of laparotomy.

I am a 21 years old female. I just recently had a wedge resection of my stomach to remove a benign tumor. My surgeon has made an incision from my xiphoid process to my umbilicus. As I was researching about my surgery, I have found out many MANY things my surgeon haven’t discus with me prior to the procedure. One of the biggest questions I have is about the closure of my upper midline incision on my abdomen. I know there are four layers in my abdomen: peritoneum, linea alba, subcutaneous layer and skin. I am pretty sure my surgeon have stitched up my linea alba and my skin, but I am not sure if my surgeon has closes back up my peritoneum. Is there a potential health problem with my peritoneum being left apart or will it grows back together with time? My second question is since my linea alba had been split apart and stitches back together, will I have weakened abdomen? (I have noticed that I can’t do sit-up as easily as before, prior to my surgery.) Will my abdomen be weakened over time due to my surgery (like 20-30 years from now)? And am I a good candidate to do sit-up again? If not, is there anyway that I can exercise my abdomen muscle so I don’t get a lose tummy.

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  • typically there are 2 layer closures to laparotomyFascial closure.. the strong inner closure that will hold your tummy content in. Perhaps this is what you though of as the linea alba... the linea alba is refering to the white line down the center of your abdominal fascia. Your abdominal fascia is the really thick connective tissue that hold the content of your belly. The peritoneum is referring to the soft tissue inside the fascia that is the support structure to your inner organs. Closing the fascia keeps the peritoneal content from coming out...Outer layer closure is usually a deep dermal layer that holds the skin together to promote healing. I suspect your surgeon did the above 2 closures. There is no such thing as a linea alba closure...Hope that helps
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    • January 17, 2008
    • 05:06 AM
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