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Question about urine that I hope someone can answer

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 31, 2008
  • 06:58 PM


This might come off as a strange question, but I don't think it is (so I will explain). Can anyone tell me if this is something I should be concerned with? My urine sinks completely, and it disappears.

I am a single mom with kids, and they rarely flush the toilet (I've tried). It doesn't bother me when it's just urine, it's better for the planet anyway, it conserves water. Anyway whenever I urinate in the toilet, whether I'm hydrated (lighter urine) or not (darker 1st morning urine), it sinks out of the toilet within 5 minutes. For me that's why I don't care if I flush when I urinate, as it doesn't smell when it's gone.

Should I be concerned? I have searched the internet and all I really come up with is specific gravity. Any ideas?


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  • HiI thought I would add to the original question since no one has answered.ANY information you can give would be appreciated, even if it's just to say you think it's normal. Mainly I am asking because I am debating if I should bring it up next time I see a DR, I hate sounding like an idiot when I ask questions at the DR. Since I can not find anything on the internet, I am thinking this is normal, but it never used to happen. Thanks
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  • it sounds pretty normal to me
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  • You say your kids don't flush the toilet much. Is the toilet flushed before you use it or has it not been flushed for a while?Could the smell be from the urine that has not been flushed for a while. I only ask because when my kids were younger and forgot to flush, the smell could get pretty strong.
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  • The kids don't flush and sometimes yes that smells. but when I go if no one has gone, and I go it doesn't smell at all, as my urine disappears in a few minutes.
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  • I found some old research papers of mine for you. You might want to get a liver function and kidney function tests.
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  • Monster love - Thank you, I think I will ask at my next DR appt.Blaze - Copper? I don't don't know, I dont think so? Maybe the 1st morning, but otherwise no.
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  • Yes, it's funny I ran across them and thought of you. I don't have them in front of me, but they stated that some type of dysfunction with liver or kidney can create heavier urine...I could dig them up and give you details if I think about it. I had studied with a doctor at one time and she had a special urine machine that spun the urine around and checked for a lot of stuff that they don't normally check for. It could tell everything that was going on in the body. I remember looking at "lakes", as she would call them...and you don't want those lakes. It was very interesting.
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