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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 2, 2006
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I have a question, for the past few weeks maybe months I have really been feeling like total crap. I used to be a person that enjoyed life and now I wake up crying in the morning. The things that I enjoyed a couple of years aog I no longer enjoy.

I feel like I can do nothing right at home, nor at the office. Because of my job I cannot make plans with my family nor do I get to spend any quality time with them. When I bring this up to my superiors, I am told to "suck it up and drive on".

I wake up in the morning crying, I wake up early in the morning for no reason, my apetite comes and goes and I am always in a somber/sad mood. I used to like to go places and now all I want to do is sit in the house and attempt to watch television.

I have no one on my job or my chain of command I can talk to because I do not trust they will have my family or my best interest in mind. I really feel like that I am worthless to my family and job. I also feel that my position has made me a bad father and a worse husband and a seriously bad family member to my family and a sorry friend that is no longer a friend nor a family member.

How do I go about getting some help or getting someone to talk to that will have my best interest in hand?

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  • There could be multiple things going on -- you might be depressed, which spins everything down into experiences you just can't get over. You may be burnt-out at work, which makes everything you do there overwhelming and transfers over to your every day life... I feel for you. I would try to contact your doctor or another professional to tell them what you mentioned here. You need to find a way out of the box that you feel you are in. If it is because of your job, is there a way to look for another while still working? Is there a way to go get training in another discipline? Do you want to do what your job is for the next 10 years? If the answer is no, then what things can you do -- it might be little things at this time -- that can help you change your direction in life? If you like what you do, but are overwhelmed because you have too many things to do, remember that just because your employer isn't supportive, doesn't mean that another employer would be like that, too (unless it's the nature of your job....). I would secretely look into finding a way out of your current job situation without jeopordizing your current position. But, I would also recommend finding someone to talk to, especially if the task of finding another job seems impossible. How does your family feel about what you are going through? Have they noticed? Is there someone trusted, relative, clergy, professional, friend, that you can trust to talk with to sort out your issues? I know it's hard to reach out for help. To help yourself work through some of what is bothering you, can you write about it in a journal? Or even make a list of things of What is bothering Me on one side of the paper, and What I can do about it, on the other side. -- It may not help your solve your problems, but seeing that some things do not have an immediate solution, or that other things do have things that you could try immediately might help you focus a little. By reaching out here, you are attempting to gain control of a situation that you feel you do not have control over. So you've taken the first step. Try to find someone you can really open to so that you can work through some of your issues. If a doctor wants to just put you on medication without giving you resources to talk about your problems your main concern won't go away, but the medication may help you deal with it a little better -- so if medication is prescribed, please try to find someone to talk to, as well. You need to figure out (with the help of a professional) -- what has caused you to feel the way you feel in order to truly solve it. Take care.
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    • October 3, 2006
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  • you might find it worthwhile to research the symptoms of Heavy metal poisining ,Mercury for one.This could happen to you in the environment, food or your fillings of metal amalgams.Some of the symptoms are said to be depression and a feeling of shyness and lack of selfworth.You could correct this if that is the case by chelation therapy and other methods you could research yourself.Just a thought.
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    • October 7, 2006
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