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Pulsing head, sudden loss of balance, hearing, vision - no clue!

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  • Posted By: Koroseda
  • July 21, 2013
  • 05:49 AM

I'm having absolutely no luck with finding a doctor that even knows where to tell me to start looking for help, let alone give me a diagnosis. I'm a 29 year old Caucasian woman that has significant weight issues due to spinal problems that cause immobility and PCOS (and too good of an appetite). The spinal problems result from Scheurmann's Kyphosis (wedge-shaped disks in the thoracolumbar region of my spine, approximately L3-T9), scoliosis, lordosis, and severe anterior bone spurs through the same region. As far as I know, I am not diabetic though I do have the beginnings of insulin resistance, but I do have relatively mild hypertension (stays between 110/70 and 130/86-ish) and a benign heart arrhythmia (PVC's). Sorry for the life history here - this is because I haven't a clue what's related to this and anything goes when it comes to the brain.

What's scaring me, however, is the strangeness with my head. It feels like a powerful pulse all throughout my head and face and I hear a rushing sound in my ears. If the pulse is strong enough, it will affect my body as well, making me **** like I'm having a mini-seizure, though it's not a seizure as I'm conscious and aware... sort of anyway. I can't see right while it lasts, though it's difficult to describe exactly how my vision is affected. It seems like my eyes are jerking and maybe I have double vision, but I can't tell for certain as I'm fairly disoriented when this happens as well. I walk like a drunk person when this happens despite not being a drinker. It only lasts a second, but it keeps happening over and over again, sometimes with only a second in between so it seems continuous.These problems are much worse with movement - trying to walk while I'm having symptoms does NOT end well.

This has been going on for probably ten years, but it comes and goes. The problem is that each time it 'comes' my symptoms are more frequent, more noticeable, and last longer than before. I've been to umpteen doctors, emergency rooms, hospitals, etc about this and nobody seems to have a clue. I have had a cat scan and EEG relatively recently, both normal. I think I've had an MRI done, but if so it's been a long time. That was normal too though. So basically, all the tests are coming back 'normal' but there is most definitely a problem when I can't walk two steps without losing my hearing and vision and falling all over myself. Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you and God bless!


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