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Protein and blood in urine - what's causing it?

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  • Posted By: Easyxtiger
  • May 10, 2008
  • 01:47 PM

I went to my gp a week ago due to a loss of appetite. It has been steadily decreasing over 6/8 weeks, but for the last 2 weeks it has completely gone and I have no desire to eat at all. When I do eat I can only manage a very small amount before feeling very full. My gp did a urine test and found very large amounts of protein and blood. I was sent to hosptial for renal function tests the same day but they came back ok (they also tested my liver function which was fine too)

I've since been put on antibiotics in case it is a uti, although I have no symptoms - this is day 2 of ab's. I've had blood work done which showed my thyroid function is normal, but it did show I have raised white cell count (54 - I read the normal range is 4-10?)

I'm a 27 yr old female, and I've been having increasingly heavy periods for the last year or so but no other symptoms I can relate to this apart from fatigue.

Anybody got any ideas what this could be? I am waiting for a referal to the neuropathy (sp) dept and a scan of my kidneys, but seeing as the bloods came back ok for kidney function I thought it would be ruled out?


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  • Blood in the urine and protein in the urine indicate trauma to the kidney. Also the reason your dr gave you the antibiotic for the UTI is because you COULD have a uti, i hate that but dr's perscribe antibiotics like candy these days. Anyways look its normal if you were doing strenuous activities. POINT BLANK, honestly take a week and calm down with your activities. Don't lift boxes, run, work out, swim, push hard when making a bowel movement. Then go in and take another test. see how that works for you ok? Don't spend all this money worrying thats the way dr's make money sweety good luck! You know how they say relax when on medication this is why. It filters through the kidneys. Which may become weak at that time. Let me know how that works.
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  • I know it has been a few years since your post, but I am just wondering what happened with everything. I am having almost the exact same problem. Mine started with nausea, as well as a fever, abdomen/pelvis pain, and increased pulse/BP. I took the entire course of antibiotics and all that went away was the fever. I already had a CT scan with no visible stones. I have an appt with the urologist tomorrow, but this has been going on for 2 weeks now, and I am getting extremely frustrated.Any info or update would be great.
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  • Hi, just got an email to say there'd been a reply to this post so thought I'd respond because I know what it's like when you're looking for answers! I ended up having a kidney biopsy and was diagnosed with Iga Nephropathy, which is a form of chronic kidney disease. My kidney function is still going strong so all is well, and I have 6 monthly check ups with my Nephrologist to check everything is ok. I never got any answers to the loss of appetite or heavy periods. The appetite came back, although it's still hit and miss, and the periods I just have to get on with. You don't mention anything that makes me think if kidney involvement, so hopefully it's just a blip for you.I hope you get sorted and get some answers x
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