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prostate problems at 26?

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  • Posted By: tanker84
  • April 9, 2011
  • 00:28 AM

hello. 1st off a few months ago i started to get a slight burning when i would pee, i figured it was a urinary infection since my wife has them often. so i went a month just drink lots of water. things got worse and burned more. so i went to the doctor at the V.A they took a urine sample and gave me a weeks worth of antibiotics. still thinking it was a urine infection i was still having unprotected sex with my wife, not to metion for a few weeks while having symptoms.
took over a week since they had a hard time finding my results. but they said it was positive for chlamydia. at this point i only had 2 days left of the meds so i stoped having sex and my wife made a appt to her doctor. he did a paps and a cotton swab and also gave her the one time pill for chlamydia. her results came back negative. things where better for me but still a slight burning from time to time, no discharge. so i went back and told him i still have a slight burning. he figured it was just me and had me do another urine test. witch came back negative for all stds.
but now its been 2 weeks and my urine flow is getting week. it gets worse at night. sometimes it burns when i pee sometimes not. the burning kidda pulsates from my groin. seems if i change position in bed it can burn or if i flex those muscles down there it will also hurt. but it will gradually go away. so now its every day and sometimes during day that i need to pee often but have a hard time leting all of it go with out relaxing for a few mins. when i feel done ill still dribble and feel urine in the tubes. now i have noticed a slight pain at the beginning of ejaculation. but only the first shot of sperm. kinda like im sqeezing it stoping it from coming out. it also doesnt come out as strong as it use to. i made another appt but it takes a cpl weeks to get in at VA. does anyone have an idea whats wrong. did i really have chlamydia or do i still have it, even if i had unprotected sex and she still came out negative. plus us both taking the meds i was guessing the chlamydia was gone if i ever had it. but things got worse. note i also started a antidepressent around time it started if that means anything. any help would be great. just worried as im only 26 but from what i have read it seems like something to do with the prostate

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