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Prolonged enlarged lymph nodes after STD

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  • Posted By: canabia664
  • July 8, 2011
  • 05:11 PM

I got chlamydia exactly 1 year ago, i got it treated. Tested for the rest of the STDs and HIV after 3, 7, and 12 months. Now 1 year later im still curious cause my lymph nodes under my jaw are enlarged. The ones in my armpits are smaller than a pea and I cant feel them easily only if I search around almost feels like various tiny size nodules on a surface. And the ones in my groin area are also pretty small, smaller than a pea most of them except two of them which are the actual size of a pea. They are movable and rubbery hard but not rock hard. The ones under my jaw, when I say movable I mean I can literally grab it with 2 fingers and move it around. I also have 2 enlarged nodes right above my adam's apple the right side node a few cm bigger than the left side. My tonsils are also pretty swollen especially, again the right side. I feel any major fatigue or weakness just some caused from exercise but not sickness-type weak. No night sweats either. I never got tested for Mono or Cytomegalovirus but Im kind of getting the idea that is what triggered my nodes to be permanently enlarged. Of what I recall they have been like this since the initial exposure but I think the ones under jaw where there before due to 4 cavities and chronic tooth decay (TREATED). Dont hurt, mobile, and not rock hard. They are just there and worry me. Been to a few doctors. One said it felt normal just to stop worrying, which is a stupid answer to me. Then switched doctors, was prescribed antibiotics and baking soda gargles, again no avail. Have never gotten a biopsy on any of the nodes but a doctor recommended me I get a CBC. It came back that I had low defenses and some slight viral activity. The doctors suspects it was mono or CMV too. Could mono or CMV maintain enlarged nodes even though after inital infection and illness? I know that once CMV or Mono is in your system it is there for good. Currently im taking natural enzymes (Papain, Pancreatine, Bromelain, etc) and Echinacea/Vitamin C capsules for 8 days to get my immune system back on track and then supposedly they were going to run more tests. Do you think Mono or CMV could be the bug that has caused my nodes to be enlarged for this whole year? Thanks

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