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Problems since the twins were born.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 4, 2007
  • 06:53 PM

I gave birth to twins on 6/14. During the vaginal delivery I lost a lot of blood over 1000 cc's. After the delivery I went into shock. I was shaking horribly, and turned blue around my mouth and finger tips. One nurse said she thought that I was going to die. My sugar was 45 and my blood pressure was 160/100. I never started feeling better after I had them. On 8/15 I started hemmoraging and went to the ER. I had 2 large pieces (7cm X 7 cm) of retained placenta and lost over 1/3 of my blood. The next day I had a DNC and thats when the trouble began. After surgery they couldn't get my blood pressure to regulate. It was 70/40, 60/30, 80/20. Finally after about 45 minutes it came up to 90/50 (normal for me is 115/75). At that point I had dizziness upon standing and horrible headaches. I spent a week in the hospital with them runnig tests. My cortisol level was 1.4 which they thought could be Shee Hans or Addison's disease. All hormone testing from the endocrinologist came back normal. I have a small micro adenoma on the pituitary but they say it is of no concern. Since getting out of the hospital in August I have had major drops in blood pressure to 60/40 70/50 90/60 with dizzy spells upon standing, racing heart (120-160 bpm), chest pains, headaches, fatigue, shortness of breath and muscle pain. I have been to the ER in Oct. and Feb. thinking I was having a heart attack. I have seen a cardiologist and had an ECG, Echo and a 48 hour holter monitor. The eccho showed mild regurgitation and leakage which they said is of no concern. I still feel horrible and they have no idea what is wrong. I am going to have a stress test and EP studies. This is ruining my life. I have become depressed because I feel terrible. I had great energy and felt great prior to the birth of my babies. Any other ideas?

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  • I can't even imagine taking care of twins with all that going on.Please take a look at this website: http://www.dinet.org/ and see if that rings any bells for you. I hope so.Best,Shula
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  • I am so sorry for all you are going through, but it sounded just as if you were telling my story. I went through exactly the same thing as you. They thought it was Sheehan's also. However, several years later, after no diagnosis, I finally found someone that would listen. They did all the testing, and finally determined that I had lupus, and that the trauma of the delivery, etc., that I had gone through had caused it to become worse, to the point of what you are experiencing now. The other thing I would tell you to do, is to get a copy of your bloodwork, and go the the American Assoc. of Endocrinolgy website ( you can google it) and look up reference ranges for each of the test that you had done to determine that it was or wasn't Sheehan's. As it turns out, they have changed the reference ranges of some of the tests for things such as low thyroid, etc., and most doctors and even labs do not even have the new reference ranges. Therefore, people are being misdiagnosed, and/or underdiagnosed for diseases they actually do have. If you find a discrepency, then take that along to your dr. and demand help. I wish you good luck, and hope you find help soon.
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