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problems from carbon monoxide?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 20, 2006
  • 06:01 AM

I had my carbon monoxide detector go off a few weeks ago. I am not sure what the most common side effects are. But, I have noticed, even the week before the detector went off, that I have been getting these little sores all over my breasts. My nipples are not normal looking, to me. This is going to sound sick, so please forgive me, but my nipples in a way remind me of a wart, or hard tapioca pudding. They have been sore and as of now they are getting smaller, but they change weekly. I at first thought, I was pregnant, with them hurting and fluctuating. I had a boil like swollen lymph node under my arm, it did pop and a good amount of puss came out. It has already gotten better, it happened 2 days ago. Also, now I have had a pain, pretty much where my ovaries are. The pain switches sides and last no longer then a half hour, just long and painful enough to think about going to the doctor. Maybe it's not carbon monoxide posioning, maybe it's something else. Any help is much apprectiated.

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  • I doubt any of this is due to carbon monoxide poisoning, at such a low dose the only effect (if any) might be cherry-red lip color or a little drowsiness. Breathing fresh air for a while will reverse those effects. Has it been cold? Did you lose power in your home? If you were running a generator or coleman stove, bbq or lantern inside you could be exposed to patially burnt or unburnt fuel vapors, not just CO. If you were wearing more layers than usual to keep warm, that could irritate skin. So could long johns esp. if just pulled out of storage (maybe you changed laundry soap since last season, or developed sensitivity to mothballs)If you've been on BCPs and stopped recently they may have been masking symptoms of PCOS (google it and see if that is you) The gut pain might just be gas if it switches sides so quickly. Also were the sores acne-like? Or more like ulcers, blisters?
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    • December 23, 2006
    • 00:58 AM
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  • The sores were red and had a seed looking thing in them.In a way they kind of looked like acne. (not sure what ulces look like)They are now going away. I looked into PCOS. Sounds a lot like me. lt explains my non-exeistant period, and weight gain, and my big gut. The pain now last on one side for a day or two then goes to the opposite side for a couple days. Thanks for your help.
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    • December 23, 2006
    • 09:37 PM
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  • April 2007 our CO Alarm went off. Each heating season since we have been in our new home (since May 2005) I had gotten sick and made numerous trips to the Doctors. Fall 2006 to April 2007 was the worst since I was working from our home. April the Doctor thought I might have MS. The symptoms were gradual. Starting with headaches, blurry eyes, lots of sinus problems. Tired but could not sleep everything was so loud and I could hear a loud static noise. I was nauseas, dizzy, skin blisters here and there. The Doctors kept saying it was sinusitis. Lots of antibiotics and allergy pills, etc. for the sinus's. As the winter got colder I became much worse. I was extremely cold temp was usually 96.4. I kept the heat at about 74 because I was sooooo cold. Lots of hot baths and I would take a heating pad to bed at night. I would take a hot washcloth to cover my nose and mouth because it hurt to breath. The sicker I got the less I left the house. I went into the walk in clinic with my bags packed to go to the hospital. I had a sinus scan and everything looked ok. The Doctor gave me more CIPRO. I then went to the ENT Doc he said I was so allergic to something outside so stay inside and do not open the windows. With that I became much worse. So I started to turn down our fresh air exchange, and then unplugged the fresh air exchange (the Doctor said I was so allergic to something outside I assumed it was coming into the house from the fresh air exchange). The days after that became a blur I became numb to conversations I was in a lot of pain, I felt like I was always on a boat and very seasick and nauseas, I couldn't eat much and could stand the smell of anything. It hurt to breath. My legs would shake when I walked, electric pain went from head to toe, electric pain from the back of neck went down my spine, heart erythemias, various blisters with quarter size red rings. It hurt to eat, sound, taste, noise, touch all hurt. Hands went from white to blue to red. My blood pressure was extremely high. A pretty red cast would cover my face and neck and chest like a mild sunburn. My head, neck, lymph nodes, temples, etc. all hurt. My body felt like a pinball machine of pain. I couldn't think straight or have normal conversations. I had to quit my job. I went from laughing to crying. Finally our CO Alarm went off. I now know that CO alarms only go off at FATAL levels they DO NOT protect you from illness they only protect you DEATH! Our new furnace was putting out low levels of CO through our heat vents. My Doctor said all I needed was fresh air. That didn't work. I contacted Occupational Med where they referred a protocol for Oxygen Therapy treatment. I am on daily oxygen therapy to help the numerous side effects of CO poisoning. I can't even begin to tell you the numerous side effects of this horrible poison. Doctors are not trained to treat or diagnose toxins or poisons so they are of little help and have little knowledge of how to help patients like myself. I continue with the static noise, problems with the lymphatic system, mouth, severe allergies, blurred vision, pain on the left side of the neck, temples, eyes, glands, right index finger, side pain mostly on the left behind the rib cage. I have developed multiple chemical sensitivities and Raynauds, the cold weather hurts and sets off numerous body aches. If you can't find a cause of your illness it might be in your home or at your work. Open your windows and let the fresh air in. It takes up to 3 years for new construction to degas. I didn't realize what a toxic cocktail we live. Now I react to many toxins in the environment, in our foods, water and cosmetic. I will be purchasing a hand held CO monitor since I react to gas operated appliances. I will be taking my first flight in two weeks, planes produce CO and cause a lot of medical problems for people who have been poisoned by CO. I hope this helps someone else.
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    • September 26, 2007
    • 03:52 AM
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  • Wow! Thanks so much for posting this. I am having so many of the same problems... and add to that list heart problems and memory problems. It is so very bad. And my carbon monoxide detector never went off!
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  • maybe it's breast cancer.
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  • I had no Idea what was going on inside my home until.... First thing my son and I would lay on the couch every day when I put my daughter on the bus for kindergarden ( she was there 3 hrs ) I was so tired and so I was happy that my son gladly at 3 1/2 would lay with me on the couch the whole time. I had no energy and obviously niether did he. I had huge cirles under my eyes they were black and I thought it was just raising kids that was making me look that way.. I remember sayng to my husband "look at me, look at my eyes" he always said your tired. i felt depressed and had nothing to be depressed about.I went to the doctors when my neck lymph nodes were the size of a quater, three of them. He said my body was fighting something and then even gave me an atideprssant cause I told him I was also Depressed. This went on for months ( about 5 ) Then as the winter began strong again the next year I was getting such terrible headaches like my brain was rattling, the morning was the worst. My days went on like this till X-mas and my husbands whole family came in about 10 people. My nephew slept in the basement with his mom and sister and complained of a headaches but i said sorry but I keep opening the widow cause it felt stuffy with all the people. I thought the draft was giving him the headache. Then my niece tripped up the stairs the next day after she awoke ( she had that time of mo. ) so we told her to stop being dramatic. Well everyone lft after x-mas but my mother in-law. Unfortunatly my husband hurt his ankle at this time. So now my mother in law and my husband are home. My husband was on some anti inflamatory and was complaining his head and stomach hurt, we thought it was the meds until mother woke up dizzy in the morning and went out in her robe for air... Just then everything came together for my husband. We dont have a co detector. So we opened the windows, garage door and doors and went to home depot. Low and behold it sang at 400. We called the gas co and he told us one more night with the windows closed and we would be dead. Thank goodness I open the windows even on cold days to air germs a stuff out. That was our little bit of air openeing.. My poor children prob didnt even know how to explain how tired they were. I cant belive the chain of event and we never put it together.. It was my chimney backed up into our furnace in the basement. Ealier that year my husband cemented some beautiful rocks on the chimney but must have banged so hard to do it about 2ft of crap was stuck at the bottom not letting the furnace air go out. My daughter is now8 and son 6 my husband and I are 33 we are so very responsible in our home but never thought to check the chimney cause we dont have a fireplace how stupid. Doctors need to check for co in blood more often, take it into consideration and we as people need to have co detectors. Even when your in doubt just get it and keep it in your home for your family. God Bless and we are ok
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