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  • Posted By: kernowsoul
  • July 30, 2010
  • 10:21 PM

Hi, this is my first post on this kind of site. I've been trying to find out whats wrong with me for several months and the doctors haven't been particularly helpful. I live in the UK and it can be quite hard to get tests without pushing for them, unfortunately I don't know what tests I would need. I've been thinking of forking out £500 (which I can't really afford) for a private medical assessment just to get some kind of answers.

I've been feeling unwell for about 4 months now. It started with a "brain fuzz" feeling and slight dizziness which has persisted constantly, it's gets better and worse but never completely goes away. I'm also feeling constantly tired and have fallen asleep during the day a couple of times. I've also been suffering from tinnitus for about 6 months which came on one day and has never gone away, I've not been exposed to any loud noises recently. I don't know of the tinnitus is related to the dizziness or not. I do suffer from TMJ and also neck and back pain which I'm getting a deep tissue massage for weekly, this along with specific exercise is helping.

I've noticed that if I eat more often the usual my symptoms are not as bad but it feels like I'm eating rather a lot. Recently I've been eating cereal and a piece of fruit for breakfast, then two pieces of fruit and a coffee when I get to work, I usually have a sandwich for lunch, then one or two pieces of fruit in the afternoon, and evening meal and a snack or two in the evening.

This week I was at a yoga class and and started feeling more dizzy that normal, the more exercise I did the worse it got until I had to stop as I thought I was going to faint, I also had the shakes. about 30 mins after drinking some water and eating some food I felt much better.

I've visited the doctors several times for the various symptoms:

tinnitus: I was told there is nothing that can be done and it would probably go away
brain fuzz, dizziness: was told it was probably a virus on two different occasions. I was given a blood/urin test and all results came back normal apart from a marginally low potassium level.

I have another doctors appointment on the 11th Aug and want to try and get the best out of it without feeling like I'm being fobbed off and told that things will go away on their own, which they aren't.

age: 32
sex: male
BMI: on the average/overweight borderline
diet: relatively healthy
exercise: climbing 1-2 times a week, ride bike to work every day, yoga one a week
medication: fexodenadine for hayfever, only started taking this 3 weeks ago. I have clonazepam for anxiety but I only take 1-2 tablets a year if I have a panic attack.
other medical issues: asthma since a child, almost disappeared in 20's but feels like it's getting very slightly worse. I also get hayfever quite badly and feel like I have a nasty cold for most of the summer. I also suffer from quite bad anxiety which started about 3 years ago. I have low-medium level anxiety most of the time which spikes when I get in any kind of situation where I feel I'm not in control. My parents have a history of sever depression .

Does anyone have any idea what might be wrong and what I should do/say at the doctors to get the best out of my visit. If you need any more information please let me know.


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