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priapism only while sleeping?? very desperate now!!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 26, 2007
  • 11:37 PM

I am a 37 yr. old male 6'1" 190lbs.' I went to my doctor a few months ago(8) with an unbelievable problem. I began getting unaroused erections while sleeping. I had a vasectomy about 6 months before this and assumed that it was related, the urologist that did the vas told me I was probably having this problem because I was not having enough sex. I went back to my primary doctor - along with the erections I was having severe headaches at times numbness all down my right butt cheek and leg clear down to my foot. At times I heard some popping noises in my head and other parts of my left foot and hands would sometimes go numb(asleep). A little bit of diziness at times too along with alot of lower back pain.
I had a couple MRI's on my spine because I thought that a blood vessel must be pinched coming out of my spine, I had a brain scan done and x-rays - all were seen as normal or within limits?

Now 8 months later many symptoms have subsided, I had been given Amitriptyline 25MG to help with erections? The neurologist told me that many of these types of situations can be tested and tested but never figured out and eventually the symptoms are gone and to call him in six months if still having problems. I only took the pills for a couple of weeks after finding out they were antideppressants. I am not depressed or stressed other than these erections. I am only able to sleep for maybe an hour before intense erections happen and then must stand up for the blood to drain from my penis. If I stay laying down the erection will not go away- could be for hours. I am trying to make the erections go away every time they happen to prevent permanent damage. I am able to have normal sex with my wife, that is with some numbness in my penis so it doesn't feel exactly the same.

Symptoms have subsided except for erections(getting worse) and my right cheek causing numbness down my leg if I sit on it too long. So, I must continually shift my weight to the left side. I dread and fear laying down and get horrible sleep in short increments.
Please any ideas appreciated

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  • I've been having the same problem for several years. It's very stressful and I often find if very difficult to cope - often feel like it's driving me crazy. After a series of unsuccessful visits to urologists it was finally diagnosed as 'stuttering priapism'. There's quite a lot of info in the medical literature. Also, if you check out sleep medicine it's referred to as 'sleep related painful erections' or SRPE. There seems to be no remedies yet identified by the medical establishment. My urologist prescribed a testosterone blocker (cyproterone acetate) - it's given some relief for a while, but now my symptoms seem to be worsening again, plus it has side effects: tiredness, hot flushes, and long term effects on bone, muscle, liver. In the past I've tried meditation & breathing exercises focused on my chakras - might sound a bit esoteric but it helped. Many alternative practitioners have suggested the condition is stress related.
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