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pretty sure i got high. don't know how

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  • Posted By: srhunter
  • May 19, 2008
  • 06:25 PM

yesterday I had a really strange experience and, now that I'm in my right mind, it seems very much like i had a really serious high. I've never been high before, so it's hard for me to say. I thought maybe it was a combination of things i took or something, but nothing seems to add up.

About 3:30 or 4:00 am, i took an over the counter sleep aid to go to sleep. But i woke up about 8:00 am and couldn't get back to sleep so i got up to find something that might help me go back to sleep. the only thing i found that didn't say "non-drowsy" was some Tussin DM. So i took a dose of that and also less than a shot of vodka. I know that sound ridiculous, but i was exhausted and desperate to go back to sleep.

I woke up about 11:00 or 11:30 and felt fine. I ate lunch probably about noon. I had pasta with mushrooms. About 30 minutes after i ate lunch, i started feeling crazy. i was lying in the bed and couldn't remember getting in my bed. i couldn't tell if i was asleep or awake. i was having all sorts of crazy thoughts and things running through my head. i laid there thinking, i must be asleep and dreaming. but all the while i was having these contious thoughts. finally i got up.

without going through all the details of the day, here were my main symptoms: i felt dizzy, got really hot, time seemed to go extremely slow...like hours longer than reality, i kept loosing awareness....like i would all of a sudden come-to and not remember how i had gotten to where i was or what i had been doing, i would sometimes be vaguely aware of what i was doing but it would be a totally different experince in my head, i couldn't tell what things really happened and what was just in my head, i felt numb all over, my face and limbs felt heavy, and my mood was going crazy...like sometimes i would start crying uncontrollably to the point i thought i was hyperventillating, and also sometimes my jaw would quiver like my teeth were chattering uncontrollably.

all of this lasted somewhere from 2 to 3 hours i think. i told one of my friends about it, and she said something about mushroom fungus. i thought it was weird that she said that and i had eaten mushrooms for lunch. i asked my mom if she had felt weird after eating the same thing. she said she had gotten really dizzy and hot and her face felt strange. she had felt weird enough to not feel comfortable going anywhere by herself. So then i thought maybe there was something wrong with the mushrooms. it would make sense that my symptoms were more severe than hers because she doesn't like mushrooms and mostly picks around them. i, on the other hand, love them and pick out all of them i can find to eat. but they were just regular store-bought mushrooms. i don't know how that could have caused anything. I also thought maybe it had been a combination of medicines i had taken or the alcohol, but it was so long after i took anything that i started having symptoms and i didn't take anything serious or an excessive amount of anything.

i would really like to figure out what caused this. i never want it to happen again. i felt like i was totally out of my mind and could hardly tell what was reality.

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  • Well, most mushroom toxins cause vomiting, but some can ALSO contain a nerve toxin that causes hallucinations and sweating (usually followed by a coma), so I doubt it was the mushrooms themselves. There is a possibility it was a pesticide poisening- did you wash the mushrooms before eating? Pesticide poisening can do weird things and is usually accompanied by a severe headache- did you have a headache? Significant aspirin poisening can cause the symptoms you mentioned. Did all of the medicine contain aspiring- some meds contain more than one thing, so you should always check the label before combining meds. That's all I can think of for now. Write down all you remember (including what you took & how much) in case some of the symptoms come back, you can refer back to it. If it is a toxin, sometimes symptoms go away and then come back.
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  • Sounds like the mushrooms were really bad; report them to the grocery store so they can report it to their distributor. If you have any left, you can take them down to the local health department; they may need to recall them.
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  • If your mom had symptoms as well it isnt likely it had anything out right to do with what you took though it's possible it might have amplified the effevts. I do agree however that the mushrooms may have been tainted some how either by pesticides or they were just plain no good. If thats the case you and your mother likely had a case of food poisoning and you should definately take the mushrooms to the health department to be tested and possibly recalled.
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  • Yes, you probably did from the combination of drug & alcohol: "Do not drink alcohol while you are using this medicine. " Try here:http://www.healthdigest.org/prescription-drug-reference/hydro-tussin-dm-oral-7346.htm
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  • I cannot comment on the muchrooms...though usually food poisons cause vomiting and/or diarrhea. However I thought I should throw this in here....a reaction to meds or drugs and whatever does not always happen right away. When I was 17 I had been searching my house for pain meds because I had horrible cramps but there were none to be found so my roomie gave me some tranquilizers, she figured at least I could fall asleep. I slep very well (a full nights sleep) and woke up feeling great but an hour or so after I woke up my tongue started to feel odd, tingly...then began to crawl around in my mouth. Slowly I lost all control of my tongue and then my face began to feel odd too, soon my eyes were pulled up hard to the right and then my head followed. By the time someone took me to the ERI was barely able to control my legs to walk and unable to do anything with my head and eyes but look up and to the right very hard. Painfully hard. I was loosing control of my limbs and body slowly. I could not speak properly, I sounded like when kids hold their tongue and try to talk kind of lol. It is funny now but at the time the ER doctor said if I had not gotten treatment soon it would have spread to my heart and lungs and killed me. I cannot remember now what he called it...it was a type of reaction they recognised immediatly but as a stubborn teenager I was too stupid to remember what it was called or even what drug did it to me....I just avoid all tranquilizers to this day lol. My point as I ramble on and on is....a reaction can happen much later than you expect. Do not assume that just because you took a med hours and hours ago that it was not what caused it.
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  • Sounds like food poisoning to me!
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