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  • Posted By: lynchurian_velvet
  • June 23, 2010
  • 02:00 AM

I am a 29 year old female who has always been a little "sickly," according to my mother. I've struggled with allergies throughout my childhood and asthma as a teenager and adult. In 2000, I developed what I thought was eczema in small patches that increased with stress. In the last three years, it's increased and now looks more like psoriasis. In the last 9 months, I've developed rectal bleeding. In the last three, it has increased significantly and I now lose a lot of blood with each bowel movement. I've had a colonoscopy. The resulting diagnosis was proctitis or inflammation of the rectum and the extreme lower colon. In my journey to diagnose the rectal bleeding, it was discovered that I have a high-risk strain of HPV. They tell me this will clear up (likely) on it's own. Now (today), I found a patch of friggin hair that is missing the size of a quarter. It's completely gone, smooth as a baby's butt. My mother had alopecia atreata when I was little, the result of stress. She only had two patches and the hair grew in after using topical treatments.

I really do not want to take the steroids. The steroidal enemas are impossible for me to tolerate and I'm already overweight as it is. Like, significatly (80 lbs) overweight and have been exercising and dieting to get control of it. If I take the oral steroids and puff up, it will completely kill my motivation.

It seems to me that there has to be a more holistic approach to treating this stuff. They seem related to me, so I'm wondering if there is a problem with my immune system, overall. Also, if my immune system is so busy attacking my skin, hair, and rectum, how is it supposed to clear up the HPV?!

Any suggestions?

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  • try some google searches, eg "high risk hpv natural cure baking soda and apple cider vinager" or "cure high risk hpv with supplements" and "keeping high risk hpv at bay with nutrition"I found this reply on another site, hopefully it helps!! 01/07/2011: Seahorselady from Cleveland, Oh, Usa replies: "I have suffered from HPV in the past with BV's all the time. I had cancerous cervix cells removed and normal paps since then. This was all in between 1996 and 2002. I thought I had cleared the virus and was fine. I've since had episodes of recurring problems with thrush, yeast, chronic fatigue and other things where I knew something was wrong with me but no doctor could find anything. It was like something would activate in me and the symptoms would begin again. They clear up after 3 or months. I have recently seen a holistic doctor that specializes in women's health and was informed that the HPV virus can live in the body and remain dormant for periods of time with no cervical cell abnormalities. She also said that it can attack other parts of the body such as uterus, throat, intestines, etc. with no way to test for it. She believes my recurring episodes are the HPV virus becoming active in my body again. I would caution you if you think you have cleared it, as I did, because you may not have. A pap can only detect the virus on the cervix, no where else. She put me on Oil of Oregano and Black Walnut Green Hull. I also have to take plant sterols/sterolins to boost my immune system."05/31/2009: FolicAcidFan from Miami, FL writes: "I was diagnosed with high risk HPV in 2006. I had a cone biopsy and a leap surgery that removed a carcinoma from my cervix. My gynecologist indicated that in my case there would be no need to get the vaccine since I was already positive. He clearly indicated there were no remedies or cures. however I found out through the American Board of Gynecologists, that a combination of Folic Acid, Vitamin C and Betacaroten could potentially help (although there are no conclusive/proven results). My inmediate action plan was becoming vegetarian (only ocasional fish and seafood), I ceased any consumption of dairy (even organic) and started to take daily dosis of Folic Acid (two caplets), Vitamin C (one caplet) and Betacarotene (1 caplet) for the next year.I have been having frequent Pap tests (every 4 months the 1st year after my surgeries and then every 6 months on the 2nd year) and since then my results have shown no signs of HPV so far.I continue taking daily doses of vitamin C and folic acid (1 caplet each) and remain a vegetarian with ocasional consumption of non American organic cheese only."Lola from Fairfax, VA writes: "Hello ladies, thanks for all your posts. I too was diagnosed with HPV a few months ago and my gyn told me that alot of time it clears up on its own, similar to having a flu virus. She did tell me to make sure I got plenty of rest and ate well and she said smoking makes it worse. Like Janey previously posted folic acid and vitamins are probably also helpful in combating HPV since you're supporting your body in the fight against the virus. As far as BV goes, I've had it off and on for a few years along with yeast infections. I have PCOS, a condition that throws off your insulin and other hormones. This causes your body not to burn sugar easily therefore running throughout the body causing yeast, and other infections such as BV and other symptoms. I'm sure that some of you have probably noticed that the more sugar you eat the more itchy you can get down there. One thing that I'm trying in ACV, it helps with balancing sugar in the body but also it helps keep your body at a balanced ph level, making it difficult for bacteria, fungus or yeast to grow. My gyn also recommended a gel called Rephresh, which is supposed to keep your ph balanced down there too. She said that should work on its own before the BV got out of hand. I've tried it a couple of times if I feel any infection coming or any unusual odor and its worked well for me. You can purchase online from drugstore.com which also has buyer reviews. Good luck to all."
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