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postpartum pelvic pain lower left side

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  • Posted By: sagekelli
  • April 17, 2007
  • 08:34 PM

i'm 15 weeks postpartum, 19yrs old, docs are pretty sure i've been having probs with ovarian cysts but a new pain developed. ultrasound showed no cysts, nothing had ruptured to cause this recent pain. it hurt my left hip, pain was actually right beside my left hip, pain radiated all the way through leg and up back but was DEFINATLY coming from my pelvis. not like menstral cramps, labor pains, cysts ruptureing or ovulation pain. started on 5th day of cycle, and 5 days after i had a paragard iud put in which was in place at my ultrasound. i weigh 109, was 115 before pregnancy, lost 7lbs in last 4weeks, had been at 116 since 3 weeks post partum, breasfeeding exclusivly, no appetite, forcing myself to eat. doc suggesting increased caloric intake (in case its intestinal cramping due to starvation...i AM eating, just not enough, i try tho) or laroscopy surgery to see if its some kind of scarring with inflammation that can't be seen on ultrasound. i am not pregnant and there is no ectopic pregnancy, so WHAT IS THIS?

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  • Okay, a few questions:Did you have a normal vaginal birth or a c-section? Any complications from the birth? How are your bowel movements? Are you having daily bm's? Do you have diarrhea,loose stools, or constipation? Did you have any prior surgery for the cysts? My last question is very important: Did you mean to say that your pain started after the IUD was put in? If yes, THEN GET THE IUD OUT NOW! !!It could very well be the IUD causing your pain, and don't let any doc tell you otherwise. Look up side effects of IUD use. You may be having a severe reaction to the copper. Best wishesDOM
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  • An additional thing to add concerning the IUD:There could possibly be pelvic infection - they should check for this as it is another side effect. I had a paragard for about 5 months, and ended up with ridiculous 14 day menstrual cycles with excessive bleeding. Wasn't worth it for me, and I just hope you check into this, as your docs most likely won't/Best wishesDOM
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  • Hi there, I am nt a DR but, I have had similar issues, firstly are you bleeding when the pain comes on? It could possibly be endometriosis?? A laporoscopy could tell, IUD-very probably causing problems, bowels working properly? Some people have pain by their hip 'cause thats the last loop of the intestine-maybe there is a block??Best wishes,:(
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  • thanks for the replies lets see if i can answer all these ??s. ok i had a vaginal birth no complications or pain medication. no surgery for the cysts, if i even had cysts the ultrasound didn't show any so they probably ruptured when i had that intense pain last month. bm's are completely regular and normal, iud is in place, blood test showed no infections or pregnancy. i was on day 5 of my period when this new kind of pain showed up, it lasted 6days. i got the iud on the first day of my period, so the pain started 5 days after iud was inserted. the pain started at 3 in the morning got to be horrible around 5am lasted an hour and a half, came back for an hour at 8 then again from about 9:45 til 11 then on and off til 5ish, was noticable a little the next day would only be really strong for 15min or less that day and has not yet been back, so i've had almost 2 days pain free. i'm wondering if the pain was actually coming from my hip not radiating to my hip, i don't know i could have sworn the pain was not in my hip tho. i mean it radiated down to my knee and all the way to my jaw at times so who knows, it just hurt.
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