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Possibly food related???

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 4, 2007
  • 01:26 AM

Hi All,

I have been having a series of symptoms that come on all at once generally after eating diary products. I have been tested for dairy allergies and it appears that is not what it is. The symptoms come anywhere from 1-7 hours after eating certain cheeses, milk, cream, butter, and possibly scallops (although beeen tested and not allergic to that either).

I get sudden abdominal cramping and diarrhea which is generally followed by skin flushing and sometimes nausea, chills, and heart palpitations. It generally only lasts for about a half hour, then I go through the chills or skin flushing process for another hour and a half or so. I have tried avoiding anything causing these problems but it seems to be getting more sensitive (today I had two pieces of cake and four hours later was on the floor at a Papa Gino's thinking I would never make it home).

I have been checked for gallstones.... negative.

Anyone have any ideas?? Please help.


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  • You can have sensitivities that do not show up on traditional allergy tests. My suggestion is to find a practitioner that uses NAET (short for Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique) at www.naet.com I have used this technique extensively for the last ten years to help many with sensitivities. About 8 out of 10 patients have done very well. Does sound, IMO, that your reactions are food related. You can have delayed reactions, which seems to be what is occurring to you. Or perhaps find one of Dr. Nambudripad's books at a local library and sit down and read it a bit to see if it makes sense to you. And please respond with what occurs.Thanks
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  • Food allergies almost never show up on traditional allergy tests. You have to elimate the suspect item completely for a couple of weeks, then try reintroducing it to see if the reaction occurs. If it does, that's the problem. If not, try eliminating something else.Eliminating milk is harder than you think. I am allergic to it, not just lactose intolerant, and allergics will react to many things that intolerants won't. The stuff is in everything - non-dairy creamer is NOT dairy free! Find an allergist who specializes in food allergies and is willing to do the elimination testing (it's tedious and takes a long time, which is why many allergists prefer scratch tests, which are the most accurate, or blood tests, which almost never work for food). That allergist should be able to give you a complete list of the weird ingredients you need to avoid for whatever you are allergic to.Frankly, since the symptoms are mostly digestive at the outset, you may only be severely intolerant, not allergic, although you could be both. Try taking one of the Lactaid-type products before the pizza. If you still get the symptoms, it's probably an allergy. If the symptoms hit, try taking Benadryl (the prescription dose, which is two of the over-the-counter pills). It should stop or at least cut down the reaction. That'll show that it's an allergy.If neither helps, you may have something unrelated and should probably check with a gastroenterologist to rule out problems with your digestive tract.Good luck.
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  • I have that and have completely removed all dairy from my diet whereby I am now Vegan. My skin hurt, my stomach hurt, I got migraines, - the works. I did an allergy test (blood) and it showed I had a moderate allergy to dairy. Blood tests DO show if you have an allergy - they are just 98% effective. Try the scratch test, that will show it right away.In any case, avoid all dairy. As lovely as it is, it isn't worth the hassle.
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  • There is some computerized testing - previously called EDS, now called Electrodermal Screening - that can find food sensitivities in about 5 seconds per item. And sensitivities to many other things. And the NAET can and about 80% of the time does get rid of the allergy.This means that with an allergy for say, eggs, after successful treatment with NAET you do not react and are not sensitive anymore. You can then eat eggs. I have treated hundreds of patients for allergies this way. I feel that results speak much louder than testing and treating the traditional medical way. Beginning to wonder if I should keep posting as it is frustrating and annoying trying to help people that keep using traditional medicine with little or no results.
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