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Possibly benign positional vertigo?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 26, 2007
  • 06:24 PM

Hi I am 19 years old and I have been ill for nearly two years now. This illness is destroying my life and I barely graduated from high school because I was constantly missing classes.

During high school I began to get nauseaus in the middle of class without any reason. I would leave class and within a few minutes I would feel alright but the thought of going back to class made me feel sick. So I would skip class altogether and take off for the rest of the day and feel alright. This would also happen on the car rides to school and on the way to my job as well as during work. I have taken out my tongue ring, given up dairy for a few weeks, cut out bread products, chucked out meat from my diet and all without any change in how nauseaus i become.

After high school I quit my job and took some time off but I would still get nauseaus in the car, hanging around the house, shopping, everything. Not once when I became nauseaus have I ever thrown up. I noticed that for every time I get sick there is typically a car ride involved or the thought of having to go in the car. Because of this my life became very difficult. The thought of seeing friends, going out, having people over became over whelming. Soon I was enrolled to upgrade courses at the local college and on my first day of class I had a panic attack.

It has been nearly a year since that panic attack and while I still get nauseaus without vomiting I have never had another panic attack. Because of the illness however I do believe I now have mild anxiety because of this fear of vomiting in public even though I know I will not throw up.

Since then I have seen a psychologist who gave me breathing methods and anti-depressants to help calm me down when i was feeling panicky over having to go out and I manage to go out and get on with things but i am constantly nauseaus and the drugs did not do a thing except make me depressed.

And now I am in a state of do or die. I get ear aches, headaches, light headed episodes on top of nausea now and if i dont go out an try and get on with things im afraid I will become a total and complete recluse and my doctor is the biggest waste of a medical lisence. He has had me tested for ulcers, done facial x-rays and prescribed more drugs then I care to count. He does not listen to the problems all together but insists that patients go to him with one problem at a time so that he has enough time to get through all his patients of the day. The problem with this is that my problems while they are all different all stem from one issue. He rufuses to listen to me and treats me like some time wasting kid and it has gotten so bad that my parents have to come in the office with me so he takes me seriosuly. After my next physical he is going to be canned.

I need help. I am guessing that it may be benign vertigo simply because of the ear aches, light headedness and nausea. However I dont get the complete room spinning mind blowing dizziness that seems to be the defining characteristic of vertigo. But i dont believe it to be anxiety anymore or maybe it never was. I have to know if there are other possible illnesses that would cause all these symptoms or if BVP can be ruled out completely. Im stumped and Im only 19 and it feels like there is no hope in my life anymore. Please help.

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  • Does your head whizz and feel off balance at all? My mother in law has severe lightheadedness and gets nauseous without medicine. She was originally diagnosed with vertigo, but come to find out she has Minear's Disease. It is a constant build-up of fluid in the inner ear and causes her to be off balanced and dizzy. The dizziness caused the nausea. She is now on medicine for the symptoms.
    jvhot1975 1 Replies
    • November 26, 2007
    • 11:12 PM
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  • Im going to look into that because i dont have whirly head but i do get quite light headed and faint feeling
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • November 26, 2007
    • 11:37 PM
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