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  • Posted By: kinyeah
  • March 5, 2009
  • 06:34 AM

Hey everyone, me again... (reminder, colostomy, reversal, several hernia surgeries)
Today at the gastroenterologist he informs me that a part of my problem may be a hernia IN my colon. (as anyone who has read my posts knows, I am at the point where I get so nervous at a drs appt. that I don't think of all the questions I have until I get home and panic) Is this possible or did I misunderstand him, I know he said it could be adhesions on my colon, scar tissue or maybe an internal hernia in the colon. IF this is the case, with every hernia there is a hole (obviously) could there be slight bile leaking in to my body thru this hole making me sick? Could this be the reason for everything. I mean I know I am not septic like last time, but if it is tiny amounts it might be an explanation. Would this be repairable without another colostomy? I can not find any info on the internet. I know that I am jumping the gun on worrying about that but I can not think of it without freaking out a little.
He also told me that the hard lines and lumps (other then the new umbilical hernias) are not normal and it is not normal for them to hurt after this time. I had just assumed after so many surgeries in such a short time that my stomach was jsut messed up adn I would have to live like that. He says no but obviously this is more important first. I have to bring him all my scans and stuff on Friday but wanted any opinions asap.
Thanks again

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  • Kinyeah,Perhaps you misunderstood...it's not possible to have a hernia IN your colon. A hernia, by definition, develops when a part of the small/large intestine slips into a muscle split...most often in the inguinal canal, but sometimes involving the diaphragm and/or abdominal muscles. Hernias of this nature can sometimes be reduced by manual pressure/manipulation but very frequently require surgical repair to provide any degree of permanent resolution.You can certainly email me at jonmac391v@comcast.net if I can be of further help.Be well!! John
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  • ok I will ask him to clarify, I was under the impression he meant where the colon was reattached ....and I assumed that (because i already have several hernias in my surgical sites) any where you had weakened linings could herniate. Thank you
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  • No bile is not leaking into your system.
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  • Also,take a list of questions with you to the doctor.
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  • Thank you. I did have a list of questions to ask him, but this was something new he mentioned that I had never considered or heard of. Richard, is there something about me that annoys you??
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  • No,not at all.Why do you ask?
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  • I guess I just get the feeling that you see me as an idiot or soemthing. I understand that I do seem scatterbrained but I assure you I wasn ot before all of this happened. I have just gotten very doctor intimidated. I guess I should explain that I loved the doctor I was seeing before "the accident" and had seen him for over 15 years and he was easy to talk to my only other doctor for those years was my ob/gyn who was also very down to earth and easy to talk to. Some of the specialists that I have been seeing talk like they are reading from a text book and that coupled with the fact that I was perfectly fine one day and woke up half dead the next gets me stressed when I get to an appointment. So I guess more then you making me feel annoying I am feeling annoying, I hate being confused or in the dark and I guess even more then that I hate not being in control..especially of my own health. I kind of feel like a pinball''go where they say do what they say and smile and nod."..yet here it is almost two years later and I still can not stay out of bed for more then three hours. I have recently gotten engaged, my life is more fantastic then ever, I have a wonderful son who is doing all of the right things yet I can not enjoy all of this...almost any of my trips out of the house are to doctors. I miss work...I am just stressed and feel like I can come here to whine so I do not constantly whine to my family, I voice my fears here and then worry that I am annoying or sounding foolish!I guess I just think I sound like an idiot ..thank you for all of your time
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  • OK next step now: setting up a colonoscopy, which of course I am afraid of, I know there are normal risks and the doctor explained that I really do not have anything to worry about, however, being I had the colostomy and reversal that those dangers are slightly elevated. I know I should not expect to wake up going septic again but the fear is there.After the colostomy I need a laproscope. There is also talk of maybe doing a full out surgery because of all the hernias and the adhesions. The hard areas of my stomach that hurt so bad are not normal as I just assumed they were after all of this and they are now saying I should not have as much pain. (the pain I just thought I had to accept forever) and that maybe they can make my stomach even look like a real stomach again..right now it looks like a deformed bowling ball because every spot where an abcess "burst" still has major healed "holes". thats the latest on me....I guess we are getting somewhere
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