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Possible Cause for Severe and Inexplicable Symptoms

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  • Posted By: PamelaPowley
  • February 24, 2013
  • 04:01 PM

I'm 21 years old and for the past year, possibly two, I've been experiencing strange symptoms that doctors could not give a name to. their nature was persistent and became progressively severe until they were unbearable and debilitating. They included:

- head pressure
- migraine-like symptoms without pain
- brain fog, confusion/ cognitive malfunctions, forgetfulness, visual disturbances and difficulties, balance problems
- troubles sleeping
- anxiety
- full-body fatigue and excessive sleepiness
- shakiness
- generally feeling sick or unwell
- heart palpitations and hard or fast heat beats accompanied by feeling panicked

Every-day tasks like walking in a crowd or grocery shopping became very difficult for me.
I was told by a number of doctors that there was nothing "medically" wrong with me, that I just needed better sleep/ more exercise, or that I just needed a new hobby...

Not the case.

I recently tried something called the Candida diet-- which in short only allows you to eat veggies and meat/ no sugar. To my amazement, after maybe three days, All of my symptoms had vanished completely.
I started looking further into dietary causes for my symptoms and found that basically any untreated food allergy can cause a plethora of inexplicable and often severe symptoms-- all of the sudden. Prolonged consumption of something your body is allergic to can damage to your immune system and create tonnes of different deficiencies-- which is why it might baffle doctors or appear to be thyroid problems, anemia, hypoglycemia, diabetes...

I also had other symptoms that are possibly linked, but which I did not associate with my head problems including:
- abdominal pain/ bloating/ water retention
- mood swings
- erratic menstrual cycle
- sugar cravings
- loose stool, constipation
- prematurely graying hair (but also partially hereditary)
- unpredictable appetite
- history of anorexia nervosa (with ocd and schizophrenic-like symptoms)
- easily becoming sick/ getting infections when this was uncommon before (lowered immune system)

Keep in mind that I am 21 and had never had food allergies-- or any clear signs of any-- until the past couple of years.

Here's some info on food allergies: http://www.three-peaks.net/annette/allergies-death.htm

So if you and your doctor are unable to find a solution for strange and severe symptoms-- perhaps try testing for food allergies! It's become such a huge problem in North America especially. I would recommend trying a dietary change before considering treatment options for psychological problems. I suspect a lot of people on antidepressants/ anxiety mads would benefit more from a dietary change.

I hope this helps someone! Please contact me with questions or input.


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