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Popping Ankle

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 26, 2010
  • 05:03 AM

Hi all.

About 10-12 years ago, I sprained my ankle playing basketball. I just "babied" the ankle until it felt better, but a year or so later it started giving me trouble. The trouble it gave was in the sense of a popping sensation, which was giving a dull pain all the way back up to my knee and sometimes radiating as far as my hip.

As winter set in, I noticed the arch of my foot was sore, swollen, and had a bruised look to it. I ended up going to see a doctor at the Shiner's children's hospital, and they ordered X-rays, MRI, and bone scan, but nothing other than bone spurs down in my toes were found.

Fast forward to the present day. I went for a bike ride this past Friday, which isn't a new event for me by any means, but this was on a new bike. I know the bike needs some adjustment to fit my body, but I planned on tackling that the next time I go out to ride. But after the 6 mile ride on Friday, I noticed pain developing from my knee down to the arch of my foot. I figured it was just a sore muscle, but as Saturday wore on I noticed much more pain with which the ankle was highlighted.

Since my initial doctor's visit for this issue several years ago, I've noticed a popping/snapping sensation in my ankle, just behind and below what my research has shown to be the lateral malleous. This popping occurs 100% of the time when I stretch my foot (pinky toe extended downward, great toe extended upward), but also happens when I walk normally. This research has also shown me that it's quite likely to be a peroneal tendon subluxation.

To avoid the popping, I've found myself limping along, which is causing my ruptured discs to ache, but that's another story. I'm wondering though what the outlook is for an old case of this to not be treated properly. Everything I've read about peroneal tendon subluxation says that it should be treated early after the injury. Where it's been about 10 years, I'm curious if the condition would have worsened, or if treatment would be a slight different.

I went to my primary care doctor for it today, but I didn't have a very good visit anyhow. She wants me to continue my self-treatment of Ibuprofen and ice, coupled with "light duty". If after a week or so I'm still having trouble, then I'm supposed to go see the orthopod she gave me a referral to.

But here's where I'm getting frustrated. This is headed down the same path it did when I went to the doctor when I was 17: Primary care doctor doesn't take it seriously, specialist just wants to shoot it full of steroids, all this while no real diagnosis or treatment is found.

Should I just go in and throw down a bunch of articles with my findings printed out? I really didn't work /that/ hard to find it, and I'm rather confident that I've found out what it is on my own. I really just want relief. I don't like popping pills every 4 hours for it.

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