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PNS at the bottom of my back (at the coccyx)

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  • March 25, 2007
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first of all please excuse my language.. im not a native english speaker..

my problem started about 10 months ago when i was in the gym excersicing... that day day i felt a small swelling at the bottom of my back... 2 days later i couldnt walk because of it was painful and got bigger.. doctor diagnosed it as a PNS caused by (hair) that grew under the skin as i recall and decided to do a minor surgery to suck out all of the pus.. after im done, the surgant adviced me to do an operation to remove the hair under the skin that could be around the coccyx... well, i didnt do it since that time because im afraid of operations... for about 5 months after that minor surgery the wound opens and bleeds for 4-5 days then it heals up and disappears by itself... now it all stopped and im not suffering from anything...

please advise.

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  • What you have is a pilonidal cyst and my husband had the same exact thing a number of years ago. He is 35 now and he was too embarrased to even go to the doctor initially to have it looked at. I was the one who kept questionning him because I could see he was in pain and I could also tell he had some seepage onto his clothes (blood, pus); he kept saying it was a pimple. When I finally got a look at it, I realized it was NOT just a pimple. He too wanted to put off the surgery, but he finally relented, and it was not a big deal at all. It was a same-day procedure and not too long at all. He has not had the cyst recur and it's been quite a few years now. The location of this pilonidal cyst at the tailbone made it impossible to not keep splitting and seeping constantly everytime he would work out or sit down. You should consider it, as it was not a big deal, and my husband hates doctors and hospitals too!
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  • hellowell i have the same problem but i made the surgery & now everything is okay, i made it like month ago & i suffered like years, but after that i feel that its slipping (PUS) my sergeant gave me ammoxiceline & it kept bleeding this pus till now. . the problem im facing is that every surgery must leave a hole on the place of the surgery but my sergent didnt leave it open ,, im afraid that i have to make another surgery & make it open this way.. all i want to know is that what shall i do now & is it necessary to leave it open & how bad would it be?
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    • November 11, 2008
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  • i had this PNS thing done two weeks ago exactly on saturday the 23rd of may. i am a female that has been having these pains down my back for about 7 or 8 years and i went to three bone doctors who said i was fine!...i started working out in the gym the last three months and one day i woke up and found blood on my underware! ...i rushed to a surgent and he said it was PNS...anyway, i did it and he did it as a closed surgery, and i was supposed to take the steches off after 12 days from the surgery but the stupid doctor removed them just one week later, and so the wound opened and was infected badly, ...now i make changes of antibiotic bandages (actisorb) on the hole down my back every day in the clinic becuase of some ***k who doesnt know how to do his job ...he said it will take at least 4 weeks to close on its own, and told me that he will re-make steches after the infection is gone to speeed up the process...it is painful and i cant set on it at all ...and i was terrified from the surgery and i wnated to put it off, but everyone i know said i should do it ...it was going well till that ******d doctor removed the steches too soon ...so if you want to do this simple procedure, u need to see a good doctor and it will be out of your way in less than three weeks ...but if you use my previous doctor it will remain for at least 6 weeks ...i hope i heal fast ...and i hope no one has to go through this ever ...:(thank u
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