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  • Posted By: poptart26
  • July 2, 2010
  • 00:34 AM

Hi Eveyone!
Thanks in advance for reading this.

I just got finished at the ER about 4 hours ago and I went in with complaints of chest pain - my left side, under breast bone and into back. I have constant pain that gets worse after laying down and also intermittent painful episodes of spasms or fluttering and it radiates out to the left of my chest. It is at its worst when I wake up in the morning or it awakens me! I'm not totally sure how to explain this. It's been going on since I woke up in tears on Sunday morning with it.

After the doctor ran some tests, blood, x-ray, EKG, liver, basically looking at problems with the heart, pulmonary embolism, and possible pancreas because of previous issues... everything came back normal.

Thus, the doctor diagnosed me with Pleurisy and sent me home and I've been instructed to take ibuprofen. I have been taking it for 5 days now (was taking it before he said to do so) with no improvement, plus I have no problems with breathing.

I have a huge mistrust in ERs and physicians after being sent home two times (in 2004) in 2 separate ERs (one in CA and one in CO) after being diagnosed with heartburn. I had a ton of tests run and they were all the wrong tests. Finally, on my third visit to the ER they found that I had gallstones and one had lodged in my common bile duct and I had pancreatitis. So, every visit to the ER I was having gallbladder attacks and no one found it!

Ever since then I am not one to visit doctors or ERs until I feel it's absolutely necessary.

So, my questions are...
1) is it normal to have Pleurisy with no breathing problems or pain while taking in a breath?
2) will the ibuprofen eventually help with the pain if it is pleurisy?
3) how long does it last?
4) has anyone been diagnosed with pleurisy and then return to the doctor to find out it was something else?

Thank you much!!

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  • Hi Again!Just wanted to update those of you that read my post.After continuing to take the anti-inflammatory (ibuprofen), as the doctor instructed in the ER, my pain continued and got worse!Then, I noticed a few bumps on my back and under my arm pit to the left of my breast and the pain inside my chest into my back was excruciating yesterday... so, I went back to the ER because I couldn't take the pain and needed relief.Anyway, I was diagnosed with Shingles and now finally being treated with meds that are helping with the pain and that will hopefully clear up the virus.I am taking:Gabapentin (for nerve pain)Oxycodone (for pain)Valtrex (antiviral) Medrol (reduce redness & swelling)So, if anyone presents with initial pain like I had, I guess Shingles is something to consider or ask your doctor about. It appears that some people can get Shingles and never get the rash, thus suffering from the nerve pain without a diagnosis! I really feel for them because after I left from my initial visit, I felt very brushed off because they didn't find anything. It was as though my pain wasn't real and I was sent packing to take ibuprofen! Best of luck to everyone!
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