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Please..someone help me..so tired of this pain!!I Need some kind of answer..God Bless

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  • Posted By: Marichulita
  • February 7, 2012
  • 10:21 PM

Hello...I'am posting my story... praying that someone can see a similarity in my symptoms.I don't know what else to do..I'am so tired of being in pain..so tired of all the appointments,Doctors,tests and surgeries.I have two babies that I adore..but can't do much with them.Can someone please help me?This started 4 years ago.I was cutting the grass one day & felt this uncomfortable,dull pain on my right-middle-abdomen.It was not anything that concerned me at the time.It went away immediately.It came back the next day and it kept doing that for about 4 or 5 days.It went away completely for about a month or so.After that...it came back as it did before.In the first year..it was "bothersome" but not serious.It is acompanied "sometimes" by nausea but not always.After the first 3 years...this thing has come back with some serious force.It is "REALLY" painful now.It still shows up the same way..it will come and go.It will come for a couple of days and then go for about 10 to 15 days.It interferes with my life.I have gone to many,many doctors but nothing comes up.I had surgery to remove a cyst in my right ovary (which we thought was the reason for this pain)...but when I was recovering from the surgery..about the 3rd day...the pain came back.I went to an upper GI specialist and had a scan,colonoscopy,endoscopy,Hiatus scan,ultrasound and MRI done.The colonoscopy showed a polyp (it was removed)..also..distension of the stomach & gastritis.The Hiatus showed my gall bladder was working fine..though when they injected the enzymes..my stomach cramped really bad and they couldn't administer all of it.The MRI showed a delayed in emptying..since the contrast I drank..was still in my stomach after 2 hours.All of it.I cannot have the MRI with the IV contrast since I'am allergic to all types of IV contrasts.I have been to the ER 6 times with nausea & in 2 occasions with vomiting & the pain was severe.They have never done anything at the hospital.They give me a shot for nausea & meds to control the pain..with a simple "go see your healthcare provider".I went to the Urologist..when i had an episode of a kidney stone Dec 23,2011.They said I had a couple of stones on both kidneys (Now wait..I have a condition where I produce alot of calcium kidney stones)..so before you say "ah...that's it"..well....no..it's not.I have had this all my life.It has never bothered me.I have had trouble with 2 stones...1 was removed with lazer & the other I finally passed last week after being in agony for over 3 weeks.that's it.No problems.When the kidney stone was taking forever to pass...i noticed the pain I have been complaining about..came often.I would have kidney pain one day and the other I would have the "mystery" pain.So my urologist wanted to investigate.He performed a cystoscopy and placed a kidney stent.He thought that it could be some kind of damage to the ureter (since I pass kidney stones often)..but everything checked out fine.I had a test where they check to see if your kidneys filter correctly.They put you in a scan and administer some kind of diuretic..and take pictures.That test was fine as well.This was done last week.Last night...this pain woke me out of my sleep.It hurt more than it ever has.It was sharp and continuos.There are some other symptoms that have showed up in the last couple of weeks.The worst has to be pain & heaviness in my limbs.If I lie down in my bed..when I try to get up..it feels like my legs & arms are made of bricks.They feel extremely heavy & I get this severe pain "inside" my limbs.Like when you exercise the 1st day..the next day everything hurts.Also...I have gotten seriously dizzy a couple of times.Where It seemed the floor was spinning.Now...in the past 3 days...I have had some serious spasms.My toes...where the joints are...bend up on their own.Causing alot of pain.I have had spasms all over in a couple of days.My feet (both),right hand (my fingers bent as well)..my back (on my right above the kidney)..the muscle knots up.I must include..that I had 2 c-sections & a tubal ligation.This pain started 3 months after I had my daughter (c-section & tubal were performed).I have a bit of high cholesterol and have had high potassium levels but everything else normal.I still have my appendix as well.I get some serious acid reflux too.I live on alkazeltzer.I'am so depressed and sad.I don't know what else to do.What other tests do I need?What other Doctor do I go to?Is there a place where you go if you have a mystery illness?I'am a 38 year old Mom of a 4yr old little girl and a 5 yr old little boy...I need to recover from this badly.I need to know what this is...not so much for myself but for my babies..who deserve a mom that can do things with them..without bending in pain in the middle of our vacation,theme park,family outings.I "NEED" to be there for my babies!I "WANT" to be there for them...but I don't know whre to turn anymore.As I sit here and write this...I'am in serious pain.It showed up last night and I have been with it through out the entire night and day today.Please..I'am begging you guys..if anyone recognizes anything...write me...PLEASE.Thank you all ahead to time and God Bless......

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