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Please tell me it's just allergies!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 13, 2010
  • 04:40 PM

I have been suffering from a pretty severe allergy to tree and grass pollen in the mid-Atlantic.
Both have been at some of the highest levels in history.

So far just the regular sneezing, coughing, eye misery and some coughing. Last weekend I began to gradually feel very achy with increasing pain in both knees and ankles and periodic headache. I get up each morning certain that I will feel better, but an hour into the morning I begin to feel miserable. I have had no appetite, some queasiness and even diarrhea, feel generally miserable all over and no energy at all. Although I have had a lot of nasal congestion over the last few weeks (which is at it's worst lately) it doesn't really feel like a sinus infection. I have a lot of trouble with side effects from any type of anti-histamine or decongestant (they sometimes keep me awake for hours) and have used nasal irrigation off and on. My glands are swollen and may have had a low grade fewer for the last two days.

I am a 54 yr. old female...vegetarian, a "health nut" and post menopausal and up until now have warded off illness through diet, exercise and vitamin and the regular herbal supplements. I have never had anything like this before. I do have a history of allergies but have not been tested since my 20's since they seemed to improve over time, even after I stopped taking allergy shots in the '70's.

I have been under a lot of stress recently and find myself going non-stop for days at a time. Both of my parents are entering the last stage of Alzheimer's disease and so I make a 90 mile round trip several times a week to spend the day with them in the nursing home. I know I am overextended with work and family and am wondering if that could be contributing to just how really bad I feel. My husband has been so supportive but his concern about this concerns me. Of course, he has never seen me sick since my overall health has always been so good.

I would be very grateful for any insight, ideas or feedback!!!!!!!

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  • headche, lack of energy, queasiness, and loss of appetite can concide with a sinus infection. Although I can't really explain the pain in your knees and not sure sinusitus can cause diarrhea. I would go to a doctor and get checked out. You could have the flu or a common cold. I won't go into anything more of which could cause as its always best to rule out the easiest possiblities first. How long have you had this fellings that feels apart from allergies? Stress can do alot to a person and cause you to become more prone to illness but can also cause problems of its own accord. I see you tend to be into the herbal and vitamin side of things which I myself am starting to look at more.
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  • Sorry I posted a link with that post to give you something to check out for possible supplements in correlation to give you an alternative to normal medications but apparently the moderator decided to remove it. Anyhow I am sure you can easily research that yourself or maybe even already know of some of the possiblities. GL
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