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Please somebody read this and help. I can't take this anymore.

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  • Posted By: pleasehelpme89
  • May 17, 2008
  • 04:45 AM

Um, I'm not sure if this is where I ask a question on well whats wrong with me lol. But i'm at my lowest point right now, and i don't know what to do.I've had these symptoms for awhile now. About 3 months ago I went to my doctor cuz I havn't had a period in 7 months. Well, she ran pregnancy tests and they came back negative. I knew for a fact I was not pregnant For those 7 months missed period. But I just recently had unprotected sex well 3 days before going to the dcotors. So i was concern i could end up pregnant but she made it clear that since i dind't have my period i would not be able to get pregnant. Well, I went to a OBGYN about 2 weeks later and I also had another pregnancy test done and I had a pap smear done. The test came back negative and the pap smear came back good. I was started on these pills I forget what they are called, But you are post to take them for 10 days and then it'll start your period again. Well, My OB sechdruled a pelvic ultraound for me, and I had that done about a week after my OB appointment. Well, my doctor calls me back the next day and said that the ultrasound shows a very early pregnancy and to stop taking the pills. So I did. I had another pregnancy test done a day later and that came back negative. 2 days later I started spotting. well 12 days later i had another OBGYN appointment and she said that she don't know why the ultrasound showed a early pregnancy and the test came back negative, and had me do another pevlic ultrasound. and I had that done 6 weeks later. She called me back and said that everything looks okie there looks like theres a little cyst but everything looks fine now. At this point i am more than confused. well it's been 8 weeks since all then. I've just gotten my period, But all these symptoms i keep having are making me confused, Those 8 weeks i've been nausea, and tired all the time, i've been going to the bathroom alot ((peeing)) I've had consitpation, and sometimes adomanol pain. and headahces from time to time. i've been moody and just not myself. I don't know what is wrong with me and going to the doctors isn't helping. The interenet is my last chance to find out. I turn 19 on June 6th, and My insurence gets cut then. So till I can get some i can't go back tot he doctors for more testing to find out nothing. I hope you can help a little. I mean if i have some things i can go on, like some dianoises you may think it could be and I can go to my doctors to get tested on it that would be great. I told my mom i feel sick, and I had the flu about almost 2 weeks ago, so she thinks me being tired now is me getting over the flu but before I had the flu I was the same way!. Well I hope someone can help!

Thanks alot

***How stupid I forgot to add one more thing, At times it feels like my heart skips a beat, like i get light headed, but only like a few tiems a day.....***

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  • Okay, first, get a new doctor but pick up all of the tests and take them to her (a female doctor) for a second opinion on all of this. I think what happened is that you had low progesterone, thus, you got the ten pills and that makes your period start. You should also always know what medication you are taking; it's your responsibility. You are naive and need to research sex education if you think because you are having a health issue that you can't get pregnant if you have unprotected sex. You may have been pregnant and had a spontaneous miscarriage. If the ultrasound showed you were pregnant, you were pregnant. Take it to your new doctor and ask what they think. Also, you need to get a copy of the radiologist report. It's not a secret and you need to get all copies of all tests for your records now and in the future. The second untrasound showed a cyst. You need to have that evaluated for treatment before your insurance runs out. Sometimes, you can get pregnant and it creates a cyst, so you could have had both. You need to discuss birth control with your doctor; you cannot have unprotected sex, both for pregnancy sake and STDs for the rest of your life. Have protected sex until marriage and don't count on a condom for birth control, they fall off because guys don't know how to use them correctly. There are progesterone creams at the health food stores that are natural and you rub them on your arm; they work quite well. I think it's hormones and now the cyst.
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  • Thanks, but i don't like the fact you called me naive. I kno about sex education thank you very much. The doctors said I couldn't get pregnant cuz i had no period. But i did research and talked to some ladys and kno for a very known fact that you could still become pregnant with no period. Unless there are other health issues that come along with that. But I am not naive... I am on birth control right now. and I kno that if u have unprotected sex it could lead to an std or pregnancy.. I'm not that dumb. thanks for the advice.
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  • So i was concern i could end up pregnant but she made it clear that since i dind't have my period i would not be able to get pregnant. very very bad doctor!!!!! i wonder how many patients of hers end up with unwanted pregnancies due to her poor knowledge. Yes what others have told you is correct and in fact you can get pregnant even if you havent had a period for a while. I'll explain how things work a little for you. One firstly ovulates. This happens a couple of weeks BEFORE ones period. When one ovulates one releases an egg.. if this meets with sperm.. well you are in trouble if you dont want to get pregnant. If one then gets pregnant.. one usually dont then get a period at that point (thou some still do in early pregnancy)... if you dont get pregnant.. you usually get a period at this point. Sounds like you got pregnant.. very early and miscarried. Very very early pregnancy may not show up on pregnancy tests (only usually show up at the point where you may of missed your period). So i suppose that is why it didnt show up at the time.. then didnt again cause you miscarriaged.
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  • Thanks taniaaust1, i asked my doctor if i could have miscarried but she said no. i had the thought in my mind, but now that you said that i'm almost most certain i did. I really dislike my doctor.
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  • You need to see an Internist, not a OB or Gyno. They need to do heart ultrasound to see if you have mitral valve prolapse (means mitral heart valve doesn't close all the way). You need a complete physical. Good luck Mikeandecd
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  • Girlfriend, get a different doctor! You deserve better.
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  • You may have 2 seperate health issues. 1 being psod you should ask a doctor A DIFFERENT DOCTOR about it. I have it and got my first cyst at age 18 and now have more than a dozen since no one diagnosed me until I was about 25. I have thought I was pregnant even tho I hadent had sex. I saw something about people that cary thier siblings in thier own wombs due to absorbing them while in thier mothers womb and since I was supposed to be a twin then was the only 1 born I thought that had to be the problem but it turned out to be psod. The other sounds like hypoglisemia. I was diagnosed with it at age 21 and often feel light headed and some times my heart feels like it skips a beat and in resent years it feels like it's palpataing when my blood sugar drops. I may be wrong and you may have something very far from what I have suggested but it sounds similar to how I felt at your age.
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