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please read this doctors can not help

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 13, 2007
  • 10:12 AM

i have horriable bruising that can be horriable at times and then disapears suddendly and comesback the next day it is very usual bruising everywhere. I am also extremely pale and get horriable headaches yester day i had 3 migranes. i have been forgetting stuff that i ve been told 5 minutes ago or something that happened earlier in the day or week. I am still have a little fatique. i am 15 and i am tired of go to the doctors and having not a single answer. please help i so sick and tired of this and i dont want to see bloodtesting needle in my life.

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  • Hi,I'm really sorry that I don't have any idea what is causing your problems, but I wanted you to know that I've read it, and thought about it, and you weren't just ignored.Don't give up, and I know blood tests are awful, but please take them, anyway. That is a good way to begin to figure out what is wrong.You also might consider talking to a geneticist. Maybe you have a connective tissue anomaly, or a blood anomaly. Good luck,Shula
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  • i heard of something called lyme disease or lime disease... which from what i know... sounds like what you are experiencing... look up some info on it.. it might help
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  • my mom had the bruising on her back they said it was muscle spasms causing the bruising. all they would tell her is it a spinal disorder. and gave her a pain medicine. i wish you luck.
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  • Your going to need blood work to check you clotting factors...your PTT, PT and a few other tests must be drawn to check for sure..those are some serious symptoms for a 15 year old..you may have to bite the bullet:)
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  • Hi i have a disorder called ITP ideopathic thrombocytic purpura it was discovered as i was covered in bruises caused by a low platelet count a simple blood test will tell your drs if it could be this i also suffered from great fatigue when my platelet count is low. Diane
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  • I have chronic facial pain due to bad dentistry. I had shot that caused headache, cheek pain, and eye pain. Now eye is twiching uncontrolably. I also have gum, nerve and bone damage from a dentist. I have been diagnosed with a-typicla facial pain and neuralgia. Dentists wont take these crowns out of my mouth and other dentists wont touch another dentists work. Doctors cant help...they say go to the dentist......I have been in so much pain I thought I would die....my mouth feels like an open sore....I have been ripped off, butchered, left for dead, found hope, got the shot, abbannoned again. Now I am even more messed up. Any ideas out there??? Seems if I tell the truth no one will help.
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  • Here is a answer for you. I think this is good remedy for you. There is a small eye exercise in yoga. You should take this every day. Don't practice yourself. You must go to yoga centre. And then continue. You will defenitely get relief.
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  • please visit www.ahummingbirdsguide.com you could have 2 or 72 symptoms of this disease and still haveit thousands having similar symptoms...I'm one of them there was an outbreak in the 80's I'm not crazy, really...look at all of it...symptoms page...medical facts...myths also visit www.ncf.net.org in USA there is no diagnostic code for MEonly Chronic Fatigue Syndrome don't be fooled by the name...I never thought that that's what I had...in a million years am now being tested am now finding countless people with ME symptoms Good Luck.....mommy cat
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  • Hi: I just want you to know that I empathize with you. At 15 I had all of the symptoms you have...I went through many many blood tests and bone marrow tests...One of the Drs even suggested that I "squeezed myself without knowing it"...geesh...I may have been 15 but I wasn't stupid. Anyway the final dx from then was "blood dyscrasia" which I think doesn't mean a darn thing...so I lived for many years with the same symptoms...bruises and spots coming and going, fatigue, constant...sometimes anemia...bottom line is finally (and you don't want to know how long) I have been diagnosed with hemochromatosis. Although this isn't a great dx...at least I finally have one and treatment that helps with the symptoms...so keep taking the tests and educate yourself over the internet as to all the possibilities...it is the only way to finally get someone to listen. My dx may not be yours, but eventually you will hopefully find an answer and a solution. My thoughts are with you.
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