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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 6, 2007
  • 08:34 PM

Ok....i'll be as brief as i can

first started having a little urinary overflow incontince

started getting pins and needles at night

then fingers started tingling after nights out drinking

then vision problems started,,,,developed slowly over course of a few months....afterimages, trails, halos, glare, scotoma type thing in morning, static vision. getting worse each day.

headaches...not bad, just there

noticed paleness to skin, esp when raised hands

weakness in legs and hands, esp when cold

sinus arrythmia, slight

exagerated response to fight/flight

little cramp

EXTREME headache one day on a long flight

now, aching, clicking joints are developing.

dry skin on feet, flaking off after baths

not sure if this is all, i think so. now for my tests:

MRI- clean
blood work - fine
EKG x 2 - healthy heart, picks up on arrythmia
blood pressure test on whole body - good
vein strength - fine
vitamin tests -fine
eye exam - perfect (including pressure)

EEG - spike and spike wave complexes in occipital and pareital lobes - unsure as yet if epilepsy...some def doubt.

no medication used....


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  • Sounds like you are normal :) I get headaches on flights too - all is normal from what you described.
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  • you're joking right????an abnormal EEG, i cant see at night coz anything i look at i have a strong after image,oh and something i didnt mention..... i press my skin and it just stays in that position
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  • The EEG is not abnormal from what you wrote in the post. And nightblindness is normal in those who have low Vitamin A in their system - we all get it once in a while or even longer when the person is over 55 or has a poor diet.Touching your skin and having it stay like that.. so very normal in the winter months. The blood moves to the centre of the body to keep you warm, so it shows the spots like that.You mentioned fight or flight and how it is exaggerated. Are you agrophobic, have anxiety disorder?
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  • im only 23. and the skin was like that when i was in singapore this christmas ( 90 degrees) im not night blind, just every light is shockingly glary, rainbow starbursts, blinding afterimages burnt into my sight for minutes at a time
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  • yeah um. see an eye doc?
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  • yeah um. see an eye doc?you sarcastic ****tard. read the post. eye exam-perfect. take your all knowing ****tardability to someone who doesnt prepare a good explanation.
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