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  • Posted By: sodslass
  • May 21, 2008
  • 10:04 PM

Hi, my name is clare and i'm 23 with 2 children under 3. i had a c section with my son 16month ago and ever since then i've had nothing but problems with my health. I've been back and forth to the doctors umpteen times. had blood tests, urine tests, chest x rays, sonograms, eye tests etc..!
the thing is, it all started just after i had my son, i have headaches, muscle aches, nausea, no energy whatsoever, tiredness, general ill feeling, i have sleep paralysis also where my body cant move for a few seconds as i'm falling asleep altho i am aware of it, theres nothing i can do to stop it and as it's happening i get a fuzzy vibration in my head which hurts. i also cant sleep and when i do, i feel like i havent slept when i wake up. i've put on over a stone, and the one thing that bothers me most is i'm constantly dizzy. i can't even turn my head with out my head being all fuzzy. my vision has changed but my eye results were fine. my blood tests were fine apart from a stomach infection which has now gone. i'm very susceptible to virus', colds and infections now. i also had 4 pints of blood. 2 after each baby. i'm rhesus neg. i have G.O.R.D. doc's say i'm depressed but i know fine well i'm not. i also constantly have a bad throat, it's not sore but i find it very hard to swallow and i dunno why. i smoke and drink sometimes but not excessively. i'm really at my wits end and haven't a clue what to do or who to turn to. i'm ill everyday and hav no enrgy and feel like ending it cos docs cant see anything wrong...please please please please someone help me. if not for me but so my kids can have their mammy back. thank you. much appreciated. x

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  • It really, really sounds like a possible thryoid problem to me.......NOTE THIS: Have you had your thryoid tested including TSH (0.2-2.5), and FT4, FT3 and the antibodies for Graves Disease and Hashimotos disease, autoimmune diseases of the thryoid? It is very common for thryoid problems to slowly rear their ugly heads after a pregnancy or other hormonal challenge.....it is also very treatable but doctors are not always very good at diagnosing them. The specialist is called an endocrinologist...UK doctors seem to not be very aware of how they thryoid can make someone suffer....check out Mary Shomon's site for more great information and a forum on thryoid...it helped me a lot...Joan
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  • I know they screen the blood, but there are probably some bugs that are passed. You may want to see an infectious disease doctor to discuss running some blood work to determine if you got something from the transfusion.
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  • Please research the candida overload connection - this can cause a host of problems and can often occur after hormonal changes with pregnancy and childbirth. This can cause dizziness, nausea, fatigue, lethargy, crazy mood swings and more. Please visit www.candidasupport.org and look at their home tests for candida. If you look at your tongue and it has a coating on it, this can point you in the right direction. Another possibility is the thyroid as another post suggested. I would add that B12 deficiency can cause a lot of your symptoms, and would say it is very often misdiagnosed. I would think this is a definite possibility due to the blood loss and subsequent transfusions. Best wishesDOM
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  • Hi Clare -I absolutely agree with the other poster's candida suggestion. Pregnancy, hormone changes, stress, the anti-biotics you may have received after your surgery, infections, throat problems, dizziness, etc. -ALL point strongly to the possibility of candida yeast overgrowth. I've had many clients coming with candida and it's actually quite easy to clear if you simply decide you're going to do it. The diet to clear candida, in a nutshell, is no sugars (including fruits, juices and alcohol) or carbohydrates (grains, starchy veg)..you have to be very strict, because sugars are "candida food". You'd be having mainly non starch vegetables and soups such as broccoli, green beans, salads (use red/green leaf for extra anti-oxidants), protein, and water for a few weeks - plus a good probiotic capsule (normally 2/meal for 10 days) to re-establish good bacterial balance. To give your sleep extra support, include food sources of calciium/magnesium - broccoli is a good source, but the best I know that would fit your diet is soaked sunflower seeds. Half fill a glass jar (no plastic) with shelled sunflower seeds and top up with bottled water. Store in the fridge. Add about 3-4 large T per day to salads etc. (The soaking "activates" the seeds and they transform from a dormant husk to an exzyme rich activated seed which is preparing to grow a sunflower.) It also becomes more "bio available", and is an excellent source of vegetable protein, vitamins and other minerals, so great to add to the diet. Also for your sleep, keep your cell phone out of your bedroom at night. all the best, Karen
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  • hiya thanks so so so much for the replies. how do i go about seeing other qualified people about my health as we don't have much money and i only have my gp. can they refer me or do i need to contact them myself. i'll read up about the things you all have posted and i'll be back once i've tried to make sense of all this.thank you once again, i really really appreciate it. x x x
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  • another quick question....i'm rhesus negative...does this mean i haven't any antibodies? as i was told this whilst preg with my son and had to have repeat injections at 28 and 32 weeks as he was a different blood group to me. thanks again
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  • Symptoms of HypothyroidismHypothyroidism usually comes on gradually, over several months or years. The early clues may be scarcely noticeable or may be attributed to other causes. Symptoms may include: low energy, constant tiredness depression dizziness weight gain, despite diminished appetite intolerance to cold inability to concentrate, memory lapses constipation slowed heart rate raised blood cholesterol *muscle weakness, cramps goiter (enlarged thyroid) *anemia menstrual irregularities ankle swelling hair loss (especially eyebrows) dry scaly skin and brittle nails hoarse voice puffy face, hands, and feet *swelling around the eyes droopy eyelids swollen abdomen decreased sex drive infertility impaired coordinationi thought it best to put an star next to the syptoms i dont have rather than the ones i do as i have pretty much all of them. i dont know about the enlarged thyroid yet as not been tested. i do have low blood pressure aswell. can anyone tell me if i'm likey to have this disease or if all my symptoms are due to low blood pressure and how to get my blood pressure back up. thank you again for all your help and support. i wish i could do something for you lot aswell. x x x clare x x x
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  • hiya thanks so so so much for the replies. how do i go about seeing other qualified people about my health as we don't have much money and i only have my gp. can they refer me or do i need to contact them myself. i'll read up about the things you all have posted and i'll be back once i've tried to make sense of all this.thank you once again, i really really appreciate it. x x x Hi Clare, You can get the thyroid test Joan suggests through your gp, and if you want I can send you a more detailed candida diet attachment which I have for my clients. freehelp99@yahoo.com It's very possible you won't need to go any futher. But do "clear" your bedroom of things like cell phones etc. as I suggested before because these things do have a negative impact on the immune system - especially at night. That's free, and you can do it now! Karen
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  • Get your thyriod checked, if that is normal another thing which can cause your symptoms is chronic fatigue syndrome. http://wwcoco.com/cfids/bernesx.html Chronic fatigue syndrome often has a trigger thing.. Many say they've got CFS from a blood infusion!! CFS people are advised not to donate blood as they still dont know if there is something infectious in this illness (well there often is..but it cant be pin pointed.. CFS is often said to be infectious right at the start of it!! Some have infected others).. but many blood places do allow CFS people to still donate thou that's being stopped more and more, (as many arent up to date with the research and still have the stupid belief that the illness is in ones head). I myself donated several times.. when i was going throu a good period with my CFS.. as i wasnt aware at all at that point of time that there may be a risk to others who get our blood. It would be interesting if those who got my blood were followed up.. but no studies on the blood risk have been done. Anyway.. i hate to say it.. but CFS may be a very real possibly in your case.
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  • Electrical Hypersensitivity Questionnaire Do you suffer from electrical hypersensitivity? Score as follows: If you have the symptom described: Frequently - score 2Occasionally - score 1 Never - score 0 Do you suffer from: 1. Numbness, weakness or prickling sensations in your joints or limbs 2. Feelings of abnormal tiredness or weakness that cannot be explained by your life commitments 3. Changes in your ability to think clearly or finding it difficult to concentrate, depending on where you are 4. Aches and pains, cramps or muscle spasms in your joints, bones and muscles in your shoulders, arms, legs, feet, wrists, ankles, elbows and pelvis. Fibromyalgia 5. Headaches 6. Tenseness 7. Restlessness, anxiety 8. Memory loss 9. Sleep disturbance, insomnia 10. Feebleness, dizziness, tremors 11. A tendency to skin redness, itchiness, rashes, tingling or dry skin12. Abdominal pain, digestive problems, irregular bowel movements, sickness 13. Feeling too hot, fever 14. A smarting, irritating sensation, a pain, or a feeling as if there is grit in your eyes. Blurred vision or flickering before the eyes 15. Nosebleeds or blood pressure changes 16. Heart arrhythmias or irregularities, palpitations or chest pain 17. Toothache or neuralgia 18. Hair loss 19. Hearing clicks, humming, buzzing, hissing or a high-pitched whine 20. Sensitivity to light, especially fluorescent lights or computer screens (sometimes, though rarer, even daylight) 21. Bouts of unusual irritability, rage, violence, destructiveness, feeling hostile 22. Thyroid problems 23. A generalised feeling of impending influenza that never quite breaks out 24. Depression 25. 'Missing time', blackouts or convulsions. If you scored 15 to 25 out of 50, you may be one of the 35 per cent of people suffering from some degree of electro-stress. If you scored more than 25, you may have developed EHS. How come i have all of these symptoms? (except no.25) i don't even understand what this is and also...if this is whats wrong with me...how on earth is a person meant to stay away from electric....is this a load of tripe or is it really a condition?? plus...i'm a singer and work with electricals everyday almost. i cant avoid things like this...and if...i do have this "condition" then i'm well and truly buggered.... i'm sorry but i'm so so so so p***d off at the fact no doctor can give me answers as to whats wrong...all blood tests etc are fine and i've been living like this for nearly 2years! i may as well just kill myself now if i have to live in this agonising body ...! i hate the way i feel...! doctors tell me i'm depressed....well actually come to think of it...i probably am now because of the way i feel everyday..not because of having a baby. i wasnt depressed to start with but this gets me so upset that i'd rather not be here than feel this way forever! my doctor is crap and doesnt care unless he fills his bank account! Anyway.....i didnt mean to sound like a raging lunatic.....but thank you to all u people who have gave me the advice...i'm really trying to figure out whats wrong. so many symptoms match so many things its hard to diagnose the correct condition...etc... bless u all x x x
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    • August 28, 2008
    • 11:08 PM
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