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Please Please Please help me! I'm Desperate!

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  • Posted By: sodslass
  • March 19, 2009
  • 10:34 AM

Hi. I'm 24 years of age with 2children (3, and 2) For months now i have been experiencing some difficult health problems which doctors have just ignored or blamed "probably stress"
First of all i started feeling dizzy and had facial and head pressure arond my jaw, cheekbones, neck and shoulders.
The doctors assumed it was vertigo so they sent me to a consultant who performed head movements which didnt help after 3 sessions.
Then my neck pain started getting worse, and is now my neck and back. I need to click my neck everday to relieve the pressure. I twist my back everyday until it clicks also, to relieve the pressure. My legs have been painful, especially my left leg with a vibration sensation in my thigh(like a mobile phone). I also noticed a small blue vein like dot, and when i rubbed it to see if it was raised, a bruise appead almost suddenly. I have tinges in my foot and restless feeling. Another thing that happens a lot is, when i'm resting or lying down, my whole body feels like its shaking inside, like i'm an enormous phone vibrating. This happens once every couple of days. i sometimes get chest pain, like shooting pains across my chest.
Is there something wrong with me?? I dont take any medication, and my periods are usually ok.
I'm terrified that its something serious and that the doctors will miss it. I lie in bed frightened that i wont wake up. If the doctors tell me the symptoms are depression i will agree i maybe upset but not deprssed, and the reason i am upset is because of all of this.
PLease please please somebody help me asap! I would be very much grateful for anything you can say. I'm losing patience. I'm 24 and feel about 64!
Thank you once again. If you'd like to caontact me direct my email is clarelouise24@hotmail.com
thank you again
clare :/
I have had several blood tests done last year which all came back normal. Also another thing i forgot to mention, i have difficulty swallowing food, as if i feel like gagging when the food is passing down my throat. Or as if i'm going to choke. Not sure if it is medical or psychological?

thanks again

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  • your difficulty in swallowing is unlikely to be psychological.Do you have reflux?It sounds as if your esophagus is in spasm.Do hot or cold things make it worse?I'm not so sure about your other symptoms except how is your stress level?That can cause most,if not all, of your symptoms.
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  • Hi thanks for the reply. Hot things as in heat make it worse to swallow, but spicy foods are even worse. its more of lumpy foods i cant swallow. I do suffer from G.O.R.D (gastro oesophagus reflux disease)I am pretty stressed too, but the same as a normal working mother with chores. I feel uptight most of the time and find it hard to relax. Visiting my GP today to discuss all of this Thank u again for replyingClare
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  • Well, the GORD will explain some of your symptoms. Do you carry your children primarily on one side of your body? What is your height and weight? Are they heavy to you? Sometimes, especially mother's with young children, women begin to carry their children on only one side of the body. This is stressful to your structure, as it throws it out of balance. Your muscles and bones work together to hold you up properly without pain or nerve sensations. When you feel the need to crack your neck and back.....well, something is out of line. You need to be careful doing that too, it can makes things worse if you don't do it properly. A good Chiropractor or Massage Therapist--maybe both--could help you with these other problems and get you back in line. There is a variety of education when it comes to these practitioners, so be sure to check credentials, especially with the MT. Be sure they have training in neuromuscular techniques and postural alignment and analysis. Seeing as how the blood work is coming back normal, I would think this would be a viable option to try out. If you don't feel better after the first or second session, you know it's not the right avenue to pursue. But, chances are that you will feel better. Also, please remember that stress alone will cause many of your problems. Finding a healthy coping mechanism for stress is one of the best ways to prevent disease and other problems. People tend to underestimate stress, but it can really be ******n the body. Good luck, I wish you well!
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  • What he just said about stress is very accurate.And your GERD can cause strictures in your esophagusm,making it very hard to swallow solids.This needs to be checked out.
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  • Please look into nutritional deficiencies as a contribution to your problems. This can cause all of your symptoms...you are young and having two young children close together can set you up for nutritional deficiencies. I suggest finding a good naturopathic doc or nutritionist to help with your issues. Please get your blood tested for iron, B12, D, and others. You mention your blood work came back normal, but what did they test you for? You need to know what they tested you for, and if they didn't test for D or B12 you should get this test done. It's often overlooked in a routine blood exam. Please google nutritional deficiencies and their symptoms and consider getting some good quality supplements to take and see if your symptoms improve. Ones to look at include D, B12, Ca/Mg, zinc, vit C and others. www.1stholistic.com is a great website for this info. I am a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and your symptom of difficulty swallowing is referred to as "plum pit Qi" - like having a piece of food stuck in your throught. This is BOTH a psychological and physical problem, and the classic formula to treat this problem is called Ban Xia Hou Po Tang. Consider finding an Oriental medical practitioner who is also a certified herbalist to help you with this problem. Best wishesDOM
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  • First of all, I know it can be frustrating going to doctor after doctor and seeing no results. We have to remember sometimes(and it's hard) that Primary Care Physicians have a broad idea about medicine. 1.) Stress can cause alot symptoms with the body. Everyone experiences some sort of stress. However, you may be under extreme stress. If that's the case, then anxiety can play a role in dizziness, neck pain, numbness, the inability to breathe, difficulty swallowing, racing heart, visual disturbances, stomach problems etc. Please note that anxietydoesn't always cause every symptom at the same time. But it is possible. When your body is stressed out, you overproduce a stress hormone called cortisol. Eventually your adrenal glands are fatigued. That's where you start to feel tired, weak, shakey, trembling(feeling of cold or shiver), sensative to heat/cold etc. And, for some reason, the body is extra sensitive to adrenaline (another adrenal hormone). 2.) I recommend you ask your PCP for a referral to see a neurologist (check out your nervous system) and an endocrinologist(to check out your endocrine/glandular system). At least neuro can perform tests that check the brain & nerves. Endocrine can do extensive blood work. (not the usual routine) but tests that are sometimes rare. 3.) Try to get involved with yoga or some kind of stretching class. It may not hurt to see a Chiropractor as well. Good Luck to you;)
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  • Hi to everyone who has replied, and thank you. I usually carry my children on my left hip. and lean to the right whilst holding them. I can see now how this could affect my structure. I will definitly make an appointment with a chiropractor, or someone who deals with these sort of problems. I had my blood taken yesterday to check my calcium levels, my thyroid, liver, blood count, and the doctor mentioned he was going to check my blood because of the broken blood vessel on my thigh. This was already checked a few weeks ago whilst testing for glandular fever , but they came back normal. I'm not sure what to ask for when i see my doctor as i don't know what they're looking for or what they should be looking for.These results should be here by tuesday. If all is normal with the bloods, then what is my next step?Shall i ask my GP to see a neurologist or physiotherapist?? or both maybe? These symptoms may be caused by stress but surely not all of them?? These are here everyday...and i think the symptoms due to stress are probably getting worse maybe even causing more problem area's?? I'm not sure where to go from here but i need to find some answers. I'll check out the site for electro-hypersensetivity?? (sorry i haven't got the replies in front of me as my computer is a bit broken, so this is just purely from memory from reading them elsewhere) Anyway, My main worry is my neck and back, and i wondered if maybe there could be cysts on my spine, but what test do i ask for to check that out?? as i read somewhere the symptoms for this and they match mine...but then again so do a lot of things, which is why we're discussing all of this right?? lol. It is very hard these days to get a diagnosis from all sorts of symptoms as there are all sorts of illnesses and diseases. Fingers crossed i'll see a light at the end of the tunnel. Please reply with what you think i should do next if my bloods are normal, and what tests i need to ask for?? Thank you once again for your time and patience through this. It has helped me a lot. You are good people. Clare
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  • First of all i started feeling dizzy and had facial and head pressure arond my jaw, cheekbones, neck and shoulders.The doctors assumed it was vertigo so they sent me to a consultant who performed head movements which didnt help after 3 sessions. Then my neck pain started getting worse, and is now my neck and back. I need to click my neck everday to relieve the pressure. I twist my back everyday until it clicks also, to relieve the pressure. again Some of your symptoms along with the facial pressure around your jaw, made me think of Temporomandibular joint diseases and disorders(TMJDs), commonly called TMJ "Symptoms: Pain is the most common symptom. TMJ pain is often described as a dull aching pain in the jaw joint and nearby areas, including the ear, which comes and goes. Some people, however, report no pain, but still have problems using their jaws. Other symptoms can include: Being unable to open the mouth comfortablyClicking, popping or grating sounds in the jaw jointLocking of the jaw when attempting to open the mouthHeadachesA bite that feels uncomfortable or “off”Neck, shoulder and back painSwelling on the side of the faceAdditional symptoms may include: ringing in the ears, ear pain, decreased hearing, dizziness and vision problems. " the above is from http://www.tmj.org/basics.aspTMJ can coexist with other conditions...
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