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Please just tell me what it is.

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  • Posted By: Son of Axeman
  • December 18, 2006
  • 06:13 AM

Hey, all. First post here, I hope you guys/girls/ambiguities can help me.

2 months ago, I went to see my local clinician, complaining of severe pain in my right leg, along the hip to the knee. It had started a few days ago, as I woke up in terrible pain. The clinician took an interest in my case, and paid for my taxi ride to the local hospital, where he ordered a Doppler ultrasound to be performed on both my legs. DVT was ruled out; no blood clots. I returned to him a week later, still in incredible pain. he prescribed me 5/375 Percocet (I'm taking 2-3 a day, depending on pain intensity), and refered me to a rhumetologist. The rhumetologist (who, I feel compelled to add, was a ******s of an old man) ran whatever physical tests he would, periodically cutting me off when I tried explaining my symptoms, and told me that he had no idea what was wrong with me, with a hint of dissent in his voice. (It should be noted that I'm rather sarcastic, as well as that I have a real problem taking authority in stride. I almost offered him one of the Percocets prescibed to me, to get him to "chill out", as it were, so that I could get a word in. Thankfully, my sense of self-preservation said "no".) He told me to schedule an MRI, and to wait it out, mentionning something about some kind of hernia. Now, MRIs are free up here in Canuckistan, but the waiting list is 3 months long, at best. That, and my mother is unrelenting on comparing me to House wherever she can, and, much like herself in general, it's really ticking me off. I want to know what your opinions are on the matter, and see what you all think.

Here's some personal information: I'm an 18-year old Child Studies student attending a Canadian college. I aspire to switch into Health Sciences, and someday, maybe, become a doctor. My interests are Political Science and Education.

Here are my symptoms, in a neat list form:

1. Myalgia in the right thigh
2. Muscle weakness in the right thigh (so much so that I often cannot walk without a cane, crutches, et cetera)
3. Trouble sleeping*
4. Restless sleep**
5. Stress (likely stemming from school, amplified by this leg issue)

Please, wrongdiagnosis.com community, help me.

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5 Replies:

  • I began with the same symptoms, and due to my leg pain (on my right side- I ended up developing scar tissue b/c i began to limp and compensate for my leg- not too mention I "pushed: through the pain a ran high school and university division one track....I got surgery to remove the excess scare tissue) however the scare tissue was a result of my pain...not what was causing pain and thus the pain has spread...it's mainly on my right side of my body, joints w/ swelling and redness that then begins to turn blue then my right side will tingle then go numb...I get severe headaches on my left side adjacent to my eye, I get fevers at night, and my spine is swelling and I cannot lay down...not only did i have the same diagnosis but my problems are adding up more and more...I have been treated for seperate problems...but i know that they all must be connected...I now have seizures, some unexplained autoimmune response and a heart murmur that causes my temp to go up at night, my pain makes me vomit either from joint pain causing nausea, or headache pain my viens protrude causing irritation and my skin at my joints annd spine become inflamed red, blue or white...I have become very weak I feel like i am bruised all over??? The doctors have attempted to diagnose me with RA, MS, Lupus and FibML....all which have no true definition and are so generalized that meds are guess and check...I can't afford guess and check as I am getting worse everyday (the seizures, heart pain and muscle pain can be supressed but I fear that if there is a deeper problem I am treating the symptoms no the cause)....I am going to the mayo clinic because of the progression of this problem...I am going in for a spinal tap since one of my doctors thinks that a bacteria or virus could have gotten into my brain or spine (I use to get strep every year since I was 4 until I was 17...then ever since I started having these syptoms I have not had strep since- however I still get major ear pain and fluid coming out of my ear during a seizure or major headache- something that happened when i had strep) For some reason my ear pain, headaches, and joint pain are all due to swelling and irritation....anti inflamitories help, as well as "bengay" cream, for fever and sleep advil gel caps are good...I hate heavy meds and I am taking so many other meds for seizures and fatigue I try to move more towards the over the counter alternatives
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • December 18, 2006
    • 08:11 AM
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  • Oh, I would also like to inclide that I was prescibed Ativan for the sleep issues. I try not to take them, but even when i do, I rarely wake up well-rested.
    Son of Axeman 5 Replies
    • December 18, 2006
    • 08:04 PM
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  • It may sound crazy but I feel tiny things jumping on my face, eyebrows.Sometimes they get stock on my eyebrow and I feel movement on it whenI look there is nothing. I know I don't have lices because they are notinvisible and you can see the eggs. When these things jump on me I dontfeel any itch. I have dandruff but can it be posible that flakes Jump on yourface? Why I feel movement in my hair? Or sometimes in my eybrows? Why I can't see anything? I lived in the country, I have a dog.
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • December 19, 2006
    • 02:39 AM
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  • Hello please just tell me what it is,Your symptoms sound much like mine, so does the other guy that responded. I have had several blood tests, MRI on my brain, Nerve induction test on both legs and right arm. I feel sick, but everyone tells me it is stress. I am also a student and work and don't get much sleep. I have aches, tenderness and pain in my calves, thighs, arms, and houlders. I feel like something is crawling in my hair or at least on my scalp. I too have dandruff and not head lice, I feel things crawling under my skin. I feel like I am being bit or pinched and then sometimes I feel a burning sensation and pain and sometimes I feel like my body is eating itself. I have swollen lymph nodes in various places on my body. I have headaches that won't go away with medication sometimes, my back and joints are stiff and painful. All of this started on my right side and now it is in both sides. When this frist happened, I cried for about one and one half weeks and could not stop except sometimes when I was with people and my head hurt really bad. Then my face went numb on my right side and my arms and legs felt really weak. I had three sharp pains in my chest through my ribs and after that, I have progressively had strange things happen to me. and I seem to get better with some things, my face in no longer numb, but my muscles continue to hurt and feel weak. ect. Anybody have any ideas?thanks,Rhonda
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    • December 26, 2006
    • 04:58 AM
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  • Is the pain in the front or back of your thigh? Has your doctor considered sending you to a neurologist, or neurosurgeon? (good luck with the latter if you live in Canada) You can always pay for that MRI, and then you can get in right away. It only costs about 800 bucks. ( do you denote a hint of sarcasm in this post?) does the pain shoot down your leg, or just in the thigh? Is it a constant dull ache, or is it more knife like?
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • December 27, 2006
    • 07:10 AM
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