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Please is this an infectious diseases??? Seriously please

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  • Posted By: chevyy1212
  • December 3, 2008
  • 01:07 AM

Me and my buddy both went through a severe illness for over a month now 2 years later and were sboth still sick

symptoms included

*abdominal pains
*kidney pains
*painfull but not swollen lymph nodes
*night sweats
*low fever but usually just a warm feeling
*extreme fatuige

We both stil experience some of these symptoms day to day. I need to know what doctor to go to since the ones ive seen have no clue what to do if its not the flu.

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  • Find an infectious disease specialist.
    aquila 1263 Replies
    • December 3, 2008
    • 05:28 PM
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  • Im going to recommend for you to try to get hold of a book from your local library in which you may see may well fit your and your partners illness and situation. The book is called "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" (A comprehensive guide to symptoms, treatments and solving the practical issues of CFS) by Gregg Charles Fisher Im suggesting this book to you as it's about a couple who got a severe illness just like you and your buddy .. and have both gotten CFS out of it (so sick years later from it). It will give you a good understanding of what could well be both your issue. It is not uncommon for CFS to happen after a gasto or flu like illness. This is a classical history for it. There have also been CFS epidemics at times in places.. (which is something most including most doctors, are not aware of. CFS in the beginning of it.. may possibly be infectious or is caused by something infectious). If doctors have been unable to work out your issues after many tests.. it is very likely that you both have been left with CFS from a viral illness. The CDC says that 80-90% of people with CFS are sick and undiagnosed. This is cause most doctors are not up to date with the CFS info and hence are not comfortable in diagnosing it. The CDC have been trying to educate doctors on this very complex illness (which can manifest in quite a few different ways so hence has many subgroups of it). To what type of doctor do you try next.. im going to suggest a CFS specialist. A CFS specialist is just an ordinary doctor or could be an actual specialist in another field eg immunologist, endo doc. or whatever but one who has an special interest in CFS and sees CFS patients. You could find one of these doctors by contacting your local or state CFS association and asking for doctor recommendations to be put onto one who specialises in this field. or try looking at http://www.co-cure.org/Good-Doc.htm (A CFS specialist should also rule out CFS if it's not your case as they are very aware of what illnesses present similar).
    taniaaust1 2267 Replies
    • December 5, 2008
    • 02:35 AM
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