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Please help...what's going on?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 16, 2007
  • 00:12 PM


I'm a 30 y/o female, having unusual symptoms, and so far tests are coming back negative. I had a c-section with an almost 10 lb baby with 2 epidurals and spinal anesthesia in November. During the first week home, I would have wierd episodes of waking up with my legs falling asleep, or an arm falling asleep. My husband told me it was probably just my body changing from pregnancy(I lost a lot of weight quickly). Then, started having numbness and tingling in my legs, along with lower abdominal pain. Told the OB about it..he did a pelvic exam and they did US on my uterus ovaries..all normal. He then thought I should see a neurologist. I have tricare ins, which is good and bad...they required that I get a referral from my primary care manager(who happens to be a nurse practitioner..military facility). She really ticked me off, because I went to her twice, and told her the OB thought I should see neurologist, and it took her a few months to finally refer me. She did at least order MRI of entire spine, which came back normal on report. By then, also had little spasms/twitches at times in my legs, and waking up with feet and ankles so stiff and sore. Another strange symptom is that I will get hot and red in the face, and red only on the left side of my body(like a sunburn) after I get out of the shower. Almost like an allergic reaction. Went to neurologist, had my initial exam, and he suspected MS. Neurologist did an MRI of brain and evoked potentials...came back great. We are waiting on results of lumbar puncture this week, but neurologist feels they will be okay. Meanwhile, it doesn't seem my symptoms are getting better..if anything getting worse. I have shaking in my left hand at times(almost like you get with low blood sugar), and sometimes just feel weak in left arm, sometimes feel very tired and weak everywhere. Episodes of feeling my blood sugar drop. It's all I can do to get through a full day of work(I'm a physical therapist). My stomach still bothers me, and occasionally get sharp pains under left rib cage. I have a 6 month old, a full time job, and a husband in the military with crazy hours, so this is really scary to me. Please help! Anyone with similar symptoms? Could this be an allergic reaction, RA, lupus? Infection? Please let me know what you think....


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  • Dear Val...you are not alone...there are countless people on this site having similar symptomsexteremties falling asleepnumbness/tinglingabdominal painspasms/twitchesstiff aching joints/muscles...weakness in musclesshaking of L handsymptoms appear, disappear and reappearcerebral spinal fluid from Lumbar puncture will probably come back normalpain under L rib(countless people c/o this one)the redness after the shower is called facial and upper body flushingI thought I was having early menopause when this started with meRA, Lupus, MS are all confused with MEIn USA there is no diagnostic code for MEonly Chronic Fatigue...in the 80's there was an outbreak in USme, cousin, sister in law, and her sister all just realizing we all have symptoms...mine are worstall of our mother's diagnosed with fibromyalgia???Montel did show on Tues regarding a sudden surge of Fibro in LALA was hit hardest in 80's with ME outbreakPLEASE visit www.ahummingbirdsguide.com there you will find all of your symptoms...I know, I live with most daily at this point Also visit www.ncf-net.orgthat is an organization I just found yesterdayKnow that there are countless in this country and world wide experiencing your symptoms right nowI'm a nurse, not crazy...just a sick little girl myself...trying to get answers...look around where I've posted...you'll get the picture God Bless you and your family, Val......mommy cat
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  • Mommy cat, Tried to pull up the first website, and it's not coming up....thanks for responding. My lumbar puncture did come back normal. The neurologist is doing a repeat of thoracic MRI because he said the first thoracic MRI was not good, and he's surprised they even tried to read it...I have to admit I'm getting depressed. My husband is trying to understand, but he's not the most patient person in the world...just how he is. I'm to the point where I just want to know what is going on.Thanks, Val
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  • Val...google symptoms of Myalgic Encephalomyelitisor just read last 5 pages of my thread "It's a mystery until we solve it"there are countless with your symptomsyou can also google symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome...don't let the name fool youI'm being tested after ruling out many other possibilities...after many yearshave you looked around the forum...does it strike you odd that so many, for so long, after seeing so many docs, specialists, still have no answers?How is that? why are we all having similar symptoms?...food for thoughtmommy cat
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  • Valast 5 pages of "It's a mystery until we solve it"--mommy cat that is my thread...I pasted some posts with very similar/same symptoms you will see the pattern my fiancee is not most patient man either but he just purchased a laptop computer for my work I'm doing here he is calling me Florence Nightengale..for the work I'm doing here in the beginning, I don't think he thought I was so sick...then I got worsethen I found so many nothers on this site alone with similar/same symptoms I have written Hillary Clinton...contacted NYS dept of health and attempted to alert the CDCI have also given this site info to many nurses I worked with...they have many sx as well google symptoms of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis google symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome...same/similar disease...confusing but a good place to start I will give you link again...retry www.ahummingbirdsguide.com Best of Luck Val...mommy cat
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  • Val - please see my general advice at http://forums.wrongdiagnosis.com/showpost.php?p=45222&postcount=4
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