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please help.all suggestions and advice welcom,as i am DESPERATE

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  • Posted By: stardust
  • September 2, 2012
  • 00:47 PM

i have been admitted at 2hospitals in past month and seen by 2 neurologists,vascular surgeon and 2 psychiatrists. my diagnoses varied from regionals complex pain syndrome,general anxiety and depression to Conversion Disorder.i am highly frustrated and at wits end as i have serious physical symptoms which have worsened after each discharge.my hands and feet vacilate between going from icy to hot with pains which vary from an electric current like something is crawling on my skin to a throbbing pain with raised veins from hands and feet. complete joint pain from neck to right side of shoulder joint right down to ankle joint.(all joint pain is sharp pains|)all these symptoms including a locked jaw are all on right side of my body. lock jaw is accompanied by throbbing headache on right side of head,sometime only at temple and other times at temple and side of head.it gets so bad that sometimes i find my midriff sweating so badly from wearing something too warm however my right hand and foot are both practically frozen. the left side is also cold to the touch but not as bad. i have had a brain mri,cervical spine mri,isotope bone scan,blood tests for connective tissue disease and all have come back clear. the mri radiographer's report did suggest a ct angiogram for further testing and this was dismissed. finally i thought i had a breakthrough when a doctor thoroughly inspected me from head to toe and took the time to ask about my symptoms which first started 6months ago and run through them till the latest symptoms from a few days ago(please note as "murphys law" would have it, the raised vein symptoms were not possible at the time of the examination however this doctor's examination of me was so thorough that he left nothing out. and went the step further and looked for other "signs" which according to him,he found..His suggestion was that there definately some blockage and it stems from higher up. as well as a possible TIA however as he was not a specialist in the field,he referred me to another specialist with notes on his findings and suggestion of what it could possibly be.. who then went through the motions of gaining basic history of first symptoms then discussed the last few doctor's findings with me.he did a basic inspection of me and suggested that he highly doubts that there will be any findings on CT angiogram and doubts its neuro related.he also suspects from what i have told him that it is conversion disorder... here again after being given hope,im practically back to where i started...however a few blood tests that were not done at both hospitals previously as well as the scan are to be done soon.>>i can only pray that there is something found as i am in constant pain and my symptoms each day just get worse. for example,2weeks ago i just had raised veins and swelling on hands and feet on right side with slight joint pain, now those symptoms have increased in the number of times they occur per day along with the lock jaw,electric current in hands and arms and the crawly feeling in right arm that was not there before. including my leg going numb when i sit quite a few times or my pinkie and right ring finger going completely numb if i try typing on a phone. i have also started seeing slightly raised veins on my left hand that was not there before.now yes i am a bit depressed, actually even more so as i have been through **** in the last month and the pain and symptoms are the cause of the depression,not the other way around.Finally when the first doctor in the whole list of doctors, finally offers insight into a possible finding after a thorough examination,and probable reasons as to why the others did not find this(certain tests that were not asked for)i am again told that it is a mental disorder...i am no doctor but i know my body best and i have been watching these symptoms get worse on a daily basis and to be told tht it is a possible psychiatric disorder is absolutely frustrating and very depressing... i have added as much detail as possible,hoping somebody here can offer me a suggestion or advice as i am rather desperate.please help!

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  • Now I want to tell you how to identify what is going on in your body, or at least provide a regiment that will alleviate pain and your symptoms. I have had much the same problem for about six months. I originally saw my physician about swelling in feet and hands with pain. I told him how it was like my veins were burning. After expunging my vocab and what I felt was enough to give the doctor, he frankly said, "I can't help you, then plainly said go to urgent care. I was upset and saw a new physician. This one wasn't so curt, but told me to get blood work done and replied saying it was possibly b vitamin deficiency and gave me a nerve pain killer. I got the blood work and two protein levels were off, but I hadn't followed up with the doctor to see if he had anything to add! Recently, about two months after this I went into the er, not urgent care. Symptoms got worse and I was concerned for being around my son. Maybe that last part you cant relate too and I have not gotten full limb temperature reduction though. Plently of cold, hot, numb, tingly, painful spots in hands and feet, but not isolated to those regions. It is getting worse for me and at the er, a nurse plainly exclaimed that it might possibly be conversion disorder and to go back to my physician. I do have to say that when my dog rests on my left foot, where I get most of my problems and stiffness too, it is like medicine for my foot. I would warn you though not to give away too much information as I hesitate to do as well. I feel I have exhausted all resources, physical and human, and even psycotherapy I wane from. I have a mental health diagnosis, and no its not for being a genius or an eideticker (perfect memory), however conversion disorder is said to be a mental health issue, from my understanding it is also label, "condition," for those coming away from a mental illness! Feel free to ask me any questions about this, I too am concerned if a superficial vein in my body will burst. It hasn't happened to me yet! I will rule out the possibility of anything physical like food or an accident being the cause of this for me. I do recommend you rock climb to ease the tension your body is going through. Alright, well at least I enjoy it and get a physical satisfaction from it, but you cab get hurt! Know that your not alone with this. Thanks, fellow undurer
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    • September 19, 2012
    • 03:39 AM
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