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  • Posted By: Golanv
  • March 20, 2009
  • 06:50 PM


I am a 49 year old female with a vast medical history. I am currently having symptoms that I think are related but not really getting any answers from my doctors. I would not come here begging for help but I am exhausted with seeing doctors and no connection made.

Extreme Gerd
Interstital Cystitis (pain, urinary frequency and retention)
T-Cell Lymphoma of the skin
Pain in my main joints and in my muscles
Eye floaters and blurry vision at times

History of

1987 Pneumothorax X 4 Right Thoracotomy

1987 TB treated with Isoniazid and Rifampin

1988 Lymphectomy TB in Lymph system

1990 Normal Vaginal Delivery Girl 7 lbs 8 oz, Wisdom Teeth Removed, Dx Mitral Valve Proplase

1991 Left Foot Hammer Toe Repair with complications from too tight cast resulting in RSD or Complex Pain Syndrome (In Wheelchair over a year)

1991 Cervical Cancer Laser Cone Done

1992 Missed AB D&C done

1993 Fell broke Right Ankle had OCD removed RSD set in again in wheelchair approximately 18 months, Dx Osteoarthritis and Osteochondritis

1993 Dx with Asthma (take allergy shots)

1993 Hysterectomy done for Carcinoma in Situ, Bladder tact

1994 Vulvectomy for squamous cell carcinoma

1999 Dx Fibromyalgia, Raynaulds

2001 Possible Dx Connective Tissue Disease or ANA positive

2004 Colon Polyps

2006 Gall Bladder Surgery, Colon Polyps

2008 GERD, GI symptoms (constipation) possibly from connective tissue disease Positive ANA in past, all recent ones negative only elevated Sediment Rate.

2008 Two Bulging Cervical Disk, Thickened Area on Adrenal Gland 24 hour urine normal, Degenerating disc changes

2008 Lymphoma of skin on back arm and chest area, Interstitial Cystitis (under going IC Treatments at present)

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  • Thanks for the response. I have been checked for Lyme disease several times. I am a new cell phone user so I don't think that could be the problem; but I appreciate the response.`Moonstone
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  • Your symptoms are explained with your current diagnoses. What exactly are you having trouble with? I'm not sure I understand........I'm sorry that you are experiencing so many medical difficulties.....how are they treating you for them? What medications are you currently on?
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  • God bless you... May God help you God willing... Just tell us what is your question
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  • I keep hearing Fibromyalgia all the time with little answer to current issues. I had one positive ANA and all the rest have been negative; the sed rate stays up all the time so there has to be some inflammation going on. I have patches of thick skin which appear like sclerosis but they say I don't have scleraderma. I feel there is some underlying thing going on that the doctors have missed. At present they have me on:NexiumReglanZantacCymbalta for pain and depressionbaby Asprinklonopininhalers for asthmaand Hydrocodone for pain I am a registered nurse and I feel like something is going on they are missing so I thought I would post here and see what you all think. Also I forgot to mention I stay anemic also most of the time without an explanation for that also. I am not bleeding any where.Thanks You all So Much!~Moonstone
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  • Symptoms:Extreme GerdRaynauldsConstipationInterstital Cystitis (pain, urinary frequency and retention)T-Cell Lymphoma of the skinPain in my main joints and in my muscles Eye floaters and blurry vision at times On looking at that I thought of fibromyalgia (FM). I dont know if you are aware but with fibromyalgia.. some other symptoms are quite normal or often coexist in this condition. Raynaulds, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) .. (of which one can have predominantly constipation kind of IBS), Interstital cystistis .. I know are common overlapping conditions with FM. Im not sure if eye floaters and blurry vision and GERD are common FM coexisting conditions or not (they could be??). So most of your issues may be related to having FM
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