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Please help with eye blindspot/headache problem

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  • Posted By: petercao3
  • March 31, 2007
  • 09:32 PM


Right now, I am very concerned about my condition, as it has happened twice now.

First, my eye gets small blindspot. It seems like a normal floater (which I have many of in my eye), but the difference is that this "floarter" blinds my vision where it is. I have tested it out by trying to stare at one place, and then drawing where the blind spot is. I cannot see the shapes or pictures that I have drawn, even though I am able to see things around that area.

Then, this blindspot moves out of my eye and to the side, where I am unable to detect it anymore. However, my eye still feels a bit different, also that may just be me being sensitive.

Lastly, I begin to get a headache, with the sensation of pressure pulses right behind one of my eyes. In addition, I also begin to feel a bit nauseated.

The first time this happened, I thought it may have been food poisoning. Now that it is happening again, I am very worried. Any help that anyone may be able to provide would be very much appreciated. Thank you.


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  • Go to an ER and ask them to do a CT of the brain/head to look for any kinds of clotting. You could be having mini-strokes in which case it is essential to get treated before something permanent occurs. In addition to the CT, an MRI might be useful.Schedule an appointment with an eye doctor and have them test for various conditions, including glaucoma.
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  • This Sounds Like An Occular Migraine-check It Out With Your Primary Care Physician
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  • this sounds like classic ocular migraines...but I would schedule an appt with an OPHTHALMOLOGIST just to make sure no other problems exist
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  • Please,Get checked out,what you are describing could be TIA,intercranial hyperpressure on your optic nerve,NAMO.Have your eyes checked,if money is a problem,some cities have free clinics for eye exams.
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  • thank you very much. I will get it checked out on mondaythanks again.-Peter
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  • What you've described is also the very same pattern of a classic migraine (I get them). The blind spot grows, migrates, and then the pain begins about 35-45 minutes after the blind spot appeared.
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  • what you are experiencing is an optic migraine. it's a type of migraine that isn't necessarily characterized by pain (although it can accompany the weird vision spots). i get the exact same thing...where i can't see what i'm trying to focus on, but everything around it is clear. i think it's caused by pressure on your optic nerve, and it's always good to get your eyes checked out. i find the best thing for me to do is just to lie down in the dark until my vision normalizes--if i don't do that, that's when it moves into a full blown migraine.
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  • What kind oh headache is it. You said it is one sided, you have this blinded vision, and it presents with nausea? It may be the onset of a migaraine. How long does this last once it starts? If the "blind spot" goes away but you still have headache pains, it may be a migraine. Would need more info on the quality and description of pain though. Just a thought:) Jon
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