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Please Help - Quite worried.....

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  • Posted By: DJ_Tipster
  • March 16, 2011
  • 10:43 AM

Hi all, I am getting increasingly worried about my partner and the symptoms she has and I do not know what to do for the best. I was wondering if someone can shed some light on this for me....

4 weeks ago my girlfriend had been complaing about chronic stomach pain all day, so when she came home from work that day I took her to the local walk in centre. She had a couple of tests done and the doctors there said that she may have either a water infection or appendicitus. Anyway, they sent her to the local hospital and was told that she would have a scan. The doctors at the hospital then said that they were not going to give her a scan and just operate inside with a camera first to see what the problem was. When she awoke she was told by the doctor that the appendix was a little inflammed and they have removed it as this could be the only thing causing the pain. She asked if they had a propoer look "downstairs" and they told us they did.

Anyway, 4 weeks later and the pain is back. Apparently it is exactly the same pain as 4 weeks ago, and exactly the same symptoms. The symptoms are that she has lost her appetite, her stomach seems swollen, the pain is sharp, severe and comes in waves, (it is not constant) but she feels like she needs to keel over everytime the pain comes. Within an hour she probably has around 6-8 bouts of this pain which last for around 20 seconds each. She feels sick and very fatigued. She also got the shakes but I may put this down to worry....

So, last night we went to the same walk in centre as it was late and a different doctor ran some more tests and checked her. They did a urine sample and actually said that she has traces of blood in her urine. The doctor last night gave her some antibiotics and said that she needs to go for a scan on it at the hospital to see exactly what problem is but this needs to be signed off by her local GP. The walk in centre doctor said she may have either a cyst on her ovary or bladder stones. However, she said it was deffinitely not a water infection.

She came home last night and had an antibiotic and the pain seemed to fade slightly, however she had the pain again at 5am this morning and then another bout a 7am this morning.

She has been to the local GP doctor this morning and this is where we get a little stuck.....because she went in as an emergency patient this morning she felt that the doctor was not listening to her or her symptoms The doctor here said catergorically that it is a water infection and to just take those tablets she was given as they seemed to be working and now he has sent her home without a scan or anything. She advised me that the doctor last night took around 40 mins to test her and the doctor this morning took about 5 minutes. He was talking over her and seemed like he wanted her out as he had other patients to deal with....

So, I am a little stuck as to what to do and very worried for her. I am not a doctor but I just dont understannd how 8 hours previous one doctor can say categorically it is not a water infection and then 8 hours later the doctor this morning says that it is a water infection....

What is the best thing to do here as like i said i am worried that it could be overy problems or these bladder stones.

I can also tell you that she does NOT feel like she needs to urinate constantly and also there is NO pain when she urinates. She has told the doctor these things this morning, yet he believes it is a water infection.....

Thank you in advance...

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  • best thing is to just go along with the doctors for time being.. wait till her medication is finished and then go back and tell him it didnt work if that is the case. Then he will need to look at other ideas. It isnt uncommon for doctors to get things wrong.
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  • Thanks for the reply, yeah - she has to go back to the doctors i think either this friday or next friday to get her urine results from this morning too so if she is no better then he will hav to do something - i am worried for her as it is a very sharp pain she is getting and i dont want the doctor to fob it off - i suppose if she does get any worse then she will have to go back in asap
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  • ****************UPDATE FROM TODAY*********** Just had a call from my girlfriend. She has collapsed at work and her work first aider has taken her to A&E at the hospital..... Very worried - but its not a water infection is it!?
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  • If this is happening about every 4 weeks then it might possibly be due to extremely painful menstrual cycles. She also may have ovarian cysts that can be very painful. Another cause could be gallstones which cause excruciating pain. I would definately want more tests done to see why there was blood in her urine. A kidney infection can cause this but the pain is usually more towards your back and there is a great deal of pain upon urinating, along with a fever. Good luck
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  • You can have kidney infection or upper uti without burning urine. Those things are very deceptive.I had a kidney stone that caused strange things but no burning urine. I read stoies on the internet from people who have had kidney infections or disorders and nausea exceeds burning urine as a sign amongst other things.:cool:
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