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Please help! Questions about achy joints.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 12, 2010
  • 03:55 PM

Last year, April 2009, I had surgery to remove my fallopian tubes and fibroids on my cervix. When I returned to work 3 weeks later, I notice that my left knee has a constant tightness, pain to it. I thought that it may just be where I sat around for three weeks. In October, I started noticing my wrist would cramp and ache. They now have a fluid like pocket on the front side of both right and left wrist. Not soon after this happened my fingers and proximal joints began to ache and a knot popped up on my thumb that was sensitive to the touch. The knot is still there but the sensitivity has gone away. Then I noticed that my joints in my toes are also aching along with my right knee joint. My walk became funny due to the pain. I was hard to get up from a seat, couch, swat position. I noticed that my eye twitched a little, memory/concentration were at times flaky. I went to the doctor who pressed on my joints and asked me if they hurt, then ran blood test on me which came back in a perfect normal range expect a low LDL. My doctor said it was arthralgia and gave me no medication (which is fine and I only take a Flinstone Complete Vitamin) or any type care plan. The symptoms kinda of eased off but were still present until about 3 days ago. Now the symptoms are back. I am walking funny due to pain and my joints are aching. I don't know what to do or what this it. I am hoping that someone had the same symptoms or something close. Here are some facts: I am 33 years old with no children, I have dogs and cats, I can barely open a liter of soda, I have a brother that went to the doctor over joint pain also whose doctor cannot find anything off the normal range. Please help and thank you.

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  • LDL is bad cholestrol.. so something one dont want high. Did your doctor test you for rheumatiod arthritis? That would give one knotty joints and pain.
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  • Not that a doctor will check you, but it sounds related to having your tubes removed. All of our reproductive system works together. If you removed part of it, some women do fine with others do not. Look up Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome. You aren't the only one to suffer this way post tubal. Many of us do. It can cause us to have major hormonal imbalances.
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