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Please help! Noone knows what is wrong with me!

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  • Posted By: LaureeK
  • June 3, 2007
  • 02:04 AM

Hi! I am new to the site and really glad I found it. I will try to give a condensed version, but my health has deterioriated to the point that I do not know if it is possible. I am a 37yo female. I smoked for about 10 yrs and quit about 4 yrs ago. I have been relatively healthy until 2 1/2 yrs ago. I was diagnosed with new onset asthma when I was 20 weeks pregnant. Icoughed so much and hard that I cracked a rib.
I was hospitalized 3 times during pregnancy for uncontrolled asthma. The last admission ended in a stat c-section b/c they could not get my o2 sats out of the 80's, and the baby was getting in trouble. She was born and is fine. I was tols that after she was born that the asthma would probably go away. Well, it hasn't. I am on numerous meds, nebulizers, and inhalers. I continue to cough and wheeze every day. Many times I cough til I throw up. I have been hospitalized 4 times since having my daughter...all due to uncontrolled asthma. The last 2 admissions were in March of this year. I quit breathing in the ER on my last visit, was intubated, and in ICU on the vent. I also have other symptoms as follows:
1) GERD - contributing to asthma. having surgery next month to correct the GERD.
2) Allergies to many things mostly molds. I was tested 10 yrs ago and did not have many allergies. The allergies also could be contributing to the severity of asthma.
3) joint pain and swelling in hands and feet. Hands are really stiff in am. seem to drop things a lot and notice a definate weakness in my hands.
4) tired all the time...feel weak
5) chronic sinusitis.
6) I just never feel good.
7) don't sleep well
8) Bruise very easy (could be the prednisone)
9) This is my newest symptom. I am very hot natured. I have excessive sweating (nothing new). For the last year, I have had some circulation problems in arms and legs. It started back of arms red and getting purple when cold. Progressed to now it affects back of arms above and below elbow, thighs(mostly inner), knees, and the inner part of lower legs. I will just all of the sudden get cold, which in unheard of. When this happens, the areas I described turn purple and almost a brown color in areas. I can push on them with my fingers and the color does not come back for 9-10 seconds. It is really scary. The last few days, I have noticed it on my buttocks and a little on my flanks, so it seems to be getting worse.
Chest CT - neg CXR - Neg(except for asthma) Bloodwork ok except for very high WBC's (contributed to sinuses). Had a bronchoscopy this week and will have results Monday. Sorry this is so long. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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  • I Had Asthma Very Bad After Being Sick In 1965. After 2 Years, I Had An Allergy Test. I Was Allergic To Mold And A Host Of Other Things That Laid Dorment Until My Flu In 1965. After The Allergy Test, I Had 2 Allergy Shots A Week For A Year. After A Year, My Allergies Slowly Went Away. I Never Had Another Asthma Attack After The Year Of Shots And Have Been Living With Cats And Dogs And All Their Dander And Never Have I Had An Allergic Reaction. If I Get Bronchitis Which Has Been A Couple Of Years Now, I Get Some Wheezing, But That Is All. Also I Had A Friend Who Got Hot Spots Like You, And It Turned Out To Be Her Uric Acid Count Was High.
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  • Hello- I was sick like you- I never found a diagnosis.The best advice I can give you is to *visit a Doctor of Oriental Medicine who works with NAET- Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique. Find this person at NAET.com*Read the book "Never Be Sick Again"*Check for Mold, carbon monoxide, and Sick Building Syndrome.*Mantain the habit of drinking 8 glasses of water daily.*Try Reiki.These should help you heal back. The NAET may take from 15 to 50 visits.Best.
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  • you should have your heart checked! ASAP
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  • I would try and find a doctor specialising in Environmental Medicine, see the AAEM website, or a good Forensic Toxicologist.The multi-system complaints that you are experiencing could indicate a toxicological problem, such as from toxic chemicals ( at work or home) or from environmental toxins such as molds. Molds can live in your wallspaces of your home or workplace where you don't see them, but they still emit their toxic chemicals which are neurotoxic ("Mycotoxins").The average doc doesn't have the training and support to diagnose such problems.You need diagnosis, and so does your environment - check into having a Healthy Home inspector check out your home. Note whether your symptoms are better at home or at work to get an idea if the problem is environmental at either place.Whilst you are looking for someone to help you heal, you can lighten the toxic load on your body and give it a chance to improve. Use least-toxic pest control, cleaning chemicals, yard and garden practises, and personal products. Fragrance-free is imperative. This will give your system a break. Even though it might not seem necessary, it is surprising how much better you can feel from just this step, and it is better for everyone around you, also.A doc familiar with environmental toxins can also check you out for immune, endocrine, and neurological status as well as a thorough once-over physical. Keep looking until you feel that you are being taken seriously and sufficiently investigated. The search can be frustrating, but well worth it when you find that committed, compassionate, and knowledgable doc. And yes, a good acupuncturist and doctor of Oriental Medicine and Master Herbalist could work wonders, too. Good luck!
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  • Thank you all for the information! I have been so focused on the asthma that I haven't thought about many of your suggestions! Thank you so much!LaureeK
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