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please help no sleep for years debilitating no where else to turn

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 20, 2009
  • 06:48 AM

This has affected me for 6 years now ever since i was in 8th grade. i dont know what changed i used to be able to sleep fine before this even though i never could breath through my nose. before i got a sinus surgery in 2007 it was much much worse i honestly dont know how i got through school i could not breath through my nose at all. I would wake up multiple times during the night with an extremely dry mouth where not talking once an hour that would be a relif i would wake up 30 or 40 times sometimes i would take naps and count waking up 10 times in an hour i tryed drinking lot of water a gallon a day but my mouth would still be very dry even to the point that to the touch there was no mositure and it would split open and bleed the same way some people hands get in the winter time. ive tryed several things and been to many doctors none of which where able to solve the problem completely ive been to an allergiest, a sleep specialist, my normal family doctor, an ent and a doctor who put me on a diet and gave medice for candida i think that is all of them the thing that helped the most is the candida doctor but i still could not sleep mouth was still to dry i also tried multiple allergie meds, steriod nasal sprays lunesta 3 mg the highest dose avaliable as well as extreme messeres to avoid certian allergens to see if it made a difference it did not. then i had the surgery in 2007 on the x rays there was only a thin pencil line where air could get through the rest was completley blocked the nurse who preped me said i was the worst she had ever seen which is saying a lot considering she probably preps 8 to 10 people a day. any way the surgery made a big difference i started to breath easier for the first time in my life i could smell things my sense of smell had never been there before unless it was a very strong oddor i could hardley detect a skunk. i started to sleep a bit eaiser but i still am not doing well. still waking up multiple time. my dry mouth is for the most part gone its mainly my sinuses sometimes i can breath sometimes i cant i think when i fall asleep i can breath well enough to sleep good for a while put usually they get filled up with mucos during the night and i wake up completly clogged again and spend most the day try to get it out. this doesnt allways work and i often have very bad sinus presure and pain around my eyes as well. i sometimes try to use a saline rinse to get out the blockage but it is usually just as bad it gets the stuff out but then i have water stuck in my sines for days and it is also very painfull it drips out and i snezze water for a long time i cant ever seem to get it completly drained out after the treatment no matter how i jump around or tilt my head and wait for it to drain out. i might just be inflamed all the time, thats what it fells like the tissue is just inflamed and blocking things up i think structaly i am okay now if i take decongestions i can breath very clearly for a while but of course that can cause huge rebound affects i certanily cant be sniffing that crap evey couple of hours and every time i wake up. ive tryed so much and have no clue what to try the best conclusion i can come to is it has to be partly allergies i tryed lot of allergie things before but that was when my nose was completly sealed off and i have try some nose sprays since but doesent seem to help much. so there it is think you can help me? i am very skeptical ive read loads of similar stories on the web none have been as extreme as my case though so i reaching out to everyone i can i have to keep trying i cant give up i cant live like this forever i pray there is some information you know that can help. this is only a portion of the story if you have any questions or want to no more please let me know.

if anyone can help or has any suggestions please let me know if you need more info ask or if you know of anyone with a simaler experience let me know that as well there has to be someone who could help me out there i just want to sleep and have a normal life and move on with my life.

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