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Please help!!!!! No diagnosis for Chest pain

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  • Posted By: WDhelp3000
  • June 17, 2008
  • 10:15 PM

Im 18 years old, do no drugs and have been experiencing chest pain for about 3 months now. The pain is often dull ache, sharp pain, squeezing and sometimes feels as is my heart stops for a second or so. I also get pain under my left shoulder(not sure if its related). The pain has me nervous everyday and constanly afraid something is gonna happen. Some days ill be fine nearly all day and then ill get a pain or the "heart stopping" feeling. I have had an EKG, echocardiogram, heart monitor, blood tests and chest X ray. ( All but the monitor were around 3 months ago). I have had no diagnosis except people close to me often say anxiety. I doubt its that because of the strong pain and being uncomfortable. Please help....ive had no diagnosis and its hard dealing with the pain everyday without a diagnosis. Leaning forward or any position im in doesnt ease the pain. I havent had breathing problems except when i get nervous when the pain occurs.

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  • Hi there The sensation that you describe that feels like your heart is stopping is probably known in medical terms as a ventricular ectopic. These are very often benign and occur in a large percentage of the population. When a ventricular ectopic occurs it often feels like a large thud in the chest and then there is a slight pause afterwards. This is where the electrical cuurent in your heart takes time to repolarize. This is often quite a scary feeling, as you sometimes think the pause is quite long and you might wonder is your heart going to beat again! But inevitably it does and this is a common unharmful thing that our hearts do from time to time and particularly under periods of stress. Experiencing ventricular ectopics and having a heightened awareness of them is not a pleasant experience at all, but be reassured that if you had all the tests that you have mentioned and that the results are normal, you should not worry. I cannot account for why you experience pain in your chest but I know that ectopics can be uncomfortable. It is most likely to be anxiety induced. But if you are still concerned you can always go back to your doctor. Try to relax more, it is not likely to be harmful. Best Wishes.:)
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  • Doctors were blaming similar symptoms with me on anxiety, but I later discovered it was an emerging environmental illness called electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Do you use a cell phone or cordless phone? Wireless internet? Work in front of the computer a lot? You may want to investigate it, though you'll never believe me unless you get yourself a gaussmeter/electrosmog detector and either see the needle increase or hear the noise increase along with your symptoms. Get one that detects all three - electrical, magnetic, and microwave/radiowave. Here's info on ES... http://www.ei-resource.org/illness-information/related-conditions/electrical-sensitivity-&-hypersensitivity/ And a forum... http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/eSens/ Blaze i think ur allergic to your gaussmeter...... & way to much time in front of ur computer.........take a break, ull feel much better......:D
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